Mobile Minutes: Flood Waters

I headed out to the country to visit MC and Jim this afternoon. I took the back roads to reach their location; passing through this small town with a unique history.

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Sitting the corner of a bar in Kansas City.
Watching from a distance as Darco networks with other women lead business owners for the night.
I’ve never been so impressed, and so proud.

Mobile Minutes: Grace Is Silence

Darco and I have been working on grace. Specifically myself demonstrating it. Throughout the Bible is speaks of grace that God demonstrates…nearly non-stop in many instances.

Well, if we’re to be Christ-like, and God is grace…then we’re to demonstrate grace, yes?

Personally, I look at the worst quality of my innate existence, and aim at what grace is in that medium.

I’m quick to pull the trigger, use words as weapons, and emotions at ammunition. If my mouth opens, or the keys begin to type, control can be lost easily.

So, how would I demonstrate grace when knowing this?

Silence. Learning that talking, typing, texting, etc…isn’t always the answer. If we wait in silence, patiently expecting the whisper in the breeze, we could be surprised at the final product. Sure, this isn’t the exact concept of grace for everyone.

As for myself though…maybe less really is more.


Mobile Minutes: Older

Looked in the mirror for a few minutes tonight. Studied my hairline, looked at the cut on my face from “the dark one”, and even flexed my arms a little.

I’m getting older.

Not wiser, just older.

I see it in my eyes, my skin, even my facial hair. I truly am closer to thirty versus twenty. I can’t pull off “the kid” look, even if I wanted to. I’m not upset about this late breaking news, just recognizing one of those moments in life where I’m changing.

My job is wonderful.
My wife is beautiful.
The people behind the Kansas City Shock are incredibly inspirational.

I’m optimistic with a fading past, in a body that looks it time on this planet. God has given me a life that I’ll never measure up to, and I never, ever deserved.

It’s alright not being the youngest, freshest, or forever holding on to history’s ways.

The future is bright. The world is vast. I’ll take aging skin and vanishing hair; it’s God’s way of showing that I’m living a wonderful life.