XXXI: Three Year Honeymoon

I finally found the batteries. They were stored somewhere in one of the kitchen drawers.

This is what happens when you move from one place to another in your life.

The past three weeks have been mind-blowing. Time has sped up, seasons have changed, rain has fallen, sun has shined, and we have relocated from our apartment into a house.

True. Story.

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XXXI: Expectations

I’m finally awake. Truly, last week was one of the zaniest, craziest weeks I’ve ever lived. I thought that the first week of college was fun and exciting, but it doesn’t hold a candle stick to what it’s like becoming a new teacher. Continue reading


I’m not a fan of the water. Primarily for two reasons:

A. I’m not huge into swimming, it just isn’t my thing. I can swim, but I’d much rather be on dry land.
B. I’m pasty, ghostly, inhumanly white. I’m borderline transparent. Meaning, the sun’s rays and my skin have never gotten along. Once, I didn’t even go to work because I couldn’t get a shirt on.

However, it only makes sense that I did wind up marrying someone who loves water, swimming, and the illustrious water park.

Today, I’d like to make the claim that as a husband I did something right. Per usual, along the land of Twitter, there was a contest to translate Verrückt into English. If you’re not familiar with why they’d want to know what Verrückt means, I’ll leave this fun video for you:

This would be the world’s tallest water slide located in our backyard. It’s part of the massive water park named Schlitterbahn in Kansas City, Kansas. Thankfully I was near my computer when I saw the tweet go live:

First to tell us what Verrückt means in English will get two passes to the park.

A few minutes later I was greeted with this tweet:



So, Darco can go to bed tonight knowing that I now have passes to take her to a water park this summer. Believe me, I don’t share these stories just to flaunt mad-tweeting skills, but because it’s fun to have a family. It’s fun to go home and say, “I won some tickets to water park” because I like seeing my wife smiling.

The list continues to grow…


P.S. There is no current indicator that we’ll be approaching that slide, but we’ll know more as the date moves closer.

Mobile Minutes: Father’s Day Fun

7:00 AM…I’m in the gym…
8:00 AM…I’m finishing new graphics for a client
8:45 AM…Out the door with a smoothie, compliments of Darco, and my new Green Lantern shirt, also compliments of Darco…
9:45 AM…In Sunday School (again!) talking World Cup and Christianity, something that tends to not go together
10:30 AM…Finished a Father’s Day post on God’s Not Fat (it’s a pretty good memory, and a good read, I’d suggest it)
12:00 PM…Out the church, heading to the ‘rents place…
12:25 PM…Jim learns his gift is to build a gazebo for his grill (it’s awesome)
12:26 PM…Instructions to said gazebo are discarded
1:55 PM…Monster KC Strips steaks are ready, I’m low on protein, and even devoured the potato salad
3:45 PM…Sunburnt and finishing the gazebo, receive word that our next task is to install a window A/C unit…I cry to myself (and my sweat soaked Green Lantern shirt)
4:45 PM…A/C unit in, world is tired, Darco and I head home
8:15 PM…Just…woke…up hoping Jim had an epic Father’s Day


One pole has a built in bottle opener...