In the beginning of this site was the concept of ‘X’, signing on the ‘X’, filing the papers, getting through the disaster of a divorce. Within a years time I bare witness to transformation of my life, along with the lives of those around me. After a years time, one begins to wonder, “Now what?”

It was as if someone already had the pages laid out before me.

I’d like to introduce the topic of ‘O’, a new series; without a timeline nor a limit. While the above notes depict several ideas of what the letter ‘O’ can signify, one can also relate it towards a facial expression of excitement, shock, and joy.

In some cultures, many notes are ended with the simple rotation of letters ‘X’ and ‘O’ [xoxo], indicating to many the concept of “hugs and kisses”.

For this section, this new thought; we will begin diving into the idea of completion, infinite dwellings, and a culture theme. I encourage you, as the days and months pass; to read through the events taking place under ‘O’, with the same setup and structure as ‘X’.

Search–> ‘O

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