It was a few days ago, Jim, MC, Darco, and myself were sitting around the kitchen table at the house enjoying a Sunday lunch. MC put down her fork and bluntly [in MC fashion] came out and said,

So, have you thought about the year anniversary?

I thought about dropping my fork, but before doing so, realized that my eyes instead could tell the state of disbelief that my mind was currently in based off those sharp, sharp words.


While FilingThePapers officially kicked off in July of last year, realistically the full cycle of one insane year, the craziest year of my life, is nearly completing its circle. I hadn’t given it much thought as of late, something to do with Guatemala, the Kansas City Shock, and life in general was just keeping me occupied [as if I would never do that on purpose]. I knew in the back of my brain what June 9th meant, it is the end of a chapter, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to bring it about with FTP [FilingThePapers].

So, while running last night, I started to come up with mental blueprints of where I wanted this to go, and as explained when talking about the book; all the months were compiled, sorted, and found to fall into their proper ‘season’; except June. June, because of its short span leading up to the ninth was in its own section as a roundabout ‘final chapter’; if to choose a simple terminology for a large, detailed thought.

I decided to rewrite the rules. After all, it is my story, my life, and my website.

For the next eight days, leading from tomorrow until crazy EARLY Saturday morning of next week; I’m breaking down a years worth of information, thoughts, and ideas into eight concrete, cute, acrostic letters: RECOVERY


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