Because I have my own ‘speak’ [props to “1984” for that idea], it is imperative that you understand some of the titles of terminology that may float across these pages, consider this your key, legend, or the box at the bottom of maps that tell you what all the different colored lines actually mean:

Mobile Minutes: At times when I am away from my trusty sidekick [a.k.a laptop], I will be posting through my smartphone [HTC EVO 4G for the nerds out there, the kickstand rocks!]. All things via phone will be entitled “Mobile Minutes” with perhaps a little extra at the end.

Photographic Therapy: I finally was able to get a camera [my first] when I graduated college [turns out that is where the real cash gifts are], anyways, since then I’ve used photos of a way of ‘therapy’ to ease my mind and hopefully produce something incredible. Look for these every so often, such as the one already added about the recent flooding. Naturally, everything will be entitled with [Photographic Therapy].

X: Seriously, is there a cooler letter in the English alphabet? I do believe that anything that might be associate with “X” will be the full bodied entries from the computer directly to your eyes. *Warning* I have flexible fingers, and open mind, and unlimited internet connections. The phrase, “Man, what are you doing, writing a book”? These mean comments apply directly to individuals like myself. I like words, and I like describing those words with…words. Just prepare yourself, in this instance “X” marks the spot closest to my level of insanity.

O: While the letter “X” can have so many different meanings “O” sets itself up to simply mean completion and unity. “O” is designated after the series “X” was finished. This is the point in which the new adventure begins, the past is left to be the past, and new discoveries lie around each corner. Sit back with some popcorn, enjoy some reflection time, and marvel at the transpiring growth of individuals lives that I can quickly become involved in.

XO: Fun times ahead! Taking the end of a life in “X” and combining it with the new opportunities of ‘O’, mix in a little romance and warm fuzzies and BOOM! You get “XO”. I encourage you to embark on this journey with me as we dive through the mystery of marriage, love, and spending the rest of your life on this planet with your best friend by your side.

XXXI: ‘Adulting’, the new term to define what life tends to be about, and what we would rather not have it be about. New home, new job, and overall a new life. ‘XXXI’ explores the day-to-day aspects of life after the chaos finally settles. 

#getyourpraiseon: If I told you that this didn’t involve a girl, I’d be lying. Many years ago when I was younger and skinnier there was a few people who would walk around on mission trips and just randomly yell as quickly as possible, “getyourpraiseon!” while clapping their hands together. I thought it was so cool, I wanted to be like them, but unfortunately I never gathered the spiritual implications what that phrase meant. Get YOUR praise on, give it up, give some love to the G-man, let Him know that you’re around and that you’re grateful. Sadly, the worst times tend to get us to recognize these things. These little quips will be sent out whenever something lovely takes place that is worth giving some love out to God for.

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