XXXI:#ClubDaugherty ’15

Happy New Year!

I was trolling through old posts and I started collecting the links to the past Christmas/New Years recap post that I’ve made over the years (a whopping two to be exact).

Needless to say, like Waffle House at midnight on Christmas Eve, some traditions just have to continue.

2015 for our family summed up:

Life. Altering.

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XXXI: Being the last American runner

I’ve been staring at this screen throughout the past week, trying to formulate thought while also motivating myself to type something up. It’s been a challenge because I know what I’ve wanted to type about, but for some reason the topic continues to bring up a ‘brick wall’ or ‘writers block’. I’m not overly sure why, but I’m going to try the age of trick of writing until the block clears itself up. For the record, ‘writers block’ is truly one of the few things that I’ve come to absolutely despise as a human. The reason why FilingThePapers has been  quiet is due to this recent struggle.

Not that any of you are too worried about it, but I figured I’d at least clue you in on the random array of thoughts and ideas that cross my mental cortex.

As for the topic…

For around six months now I’ve been trying to culminate my passion of running into words, and in all honesty there’s a bit of a business itch that I’ve been wanting to scratch. Nothing insane or huge, but something that I’ve come to really enjoy over the past year. Truth is, I like designing clothes. Again, nothing serious, but your standard t-shirts and sweatshirts. It’s very simple and basic, but it’s something that I’ve found joy in. I suppose my overall goal is taking my passion of running and sharing it to the world in form of articles of clothing for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

Looking at the running world, along with any specific sports culture, the clothing that’s primarily made is made for runners who are doing just that…running. However, what you don’t see a lot of is clothes that promote the joy, but are designed for everyday attire. Let’s be real; there’s nothing more comfortable in this world compared to sweats, a hoodie, and perhaps your favorite, tight stitched, high thread count t-shirt (some of you will vouch for leggings as well for comfort, but please note…I’m a dude…). It’s the casual wear that I’ve really wanted to experiment with. There’s nothing wrong with being able to wear your passion, even when you’re not necessarily partaking in the passion at the given time.

This is kind of the origins of the “Last American Runner”. It’s a personal journey, but I don’t think it’s just an individual’s story. I believe that for whatever the reason is, people throughout our culture desire to be great at something, anything, but they don’t necessarily know how to take the first step. So many times, especially in the world of running, we view specific people who are trained, groomed, and designed to be great at a specific event. However, that only makes up maybe 5% of our population (complete guess)? The rest of us are just trying to move by the means of our own motivation, and hoping to catch glimpses of anything that could be inspiration. In many ways that’s what I want “Last American Runner” to be. Sure, the forefront is all about the running, but the backstory is more about helping people find their inspiration to live and motivation to succeed.

How does one do that? I’m not really sure. I’m not famous (though in some places I am infamous), I’m not really an athlete, and I don’t necessarily ooze success. I’m in many ways just your average Joe. My prayer is that recognizing that identity can be the catalyst for “Last American Runner”. A brand, a thought, an organization that is very truly for the people, by the people. No strings attached.

I’m not an advocate of New Year’s Resolutions, I think they are truly one of the biggest wastes of our lives. We set ourselves up for failure by lying to ourselves and not recognizing the truth of our real, inherent identity. I want “Last American Runner” to inspire others to accept themselves, and just try at succeeding in their own world. That could be in the form of running, health, and other aspects upfront, or it could be deeper acceptances of self-image, self-discipline, and personal identity. I’m not really sure because everyone will have their own story. I plan to continue to use Facebook, Twitter, and the blog to move content, but I’m also recognizing that I have to start with just one person in order to move this idea…I have to start with me.

Eventually, someday, when the planets align I’ll be able to start the prints for the shirts. Praise God I’ve had training on Adobe products, and someone was kind enough to give me a iMac because both elements have been key to some design. I have a few base sketches/designs I’ve made, and I’d like to share them with those who have rocked with me over the past 3 1/2 years here at FilingThePapers.

So…I guess, enjoy?

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XXXI: #ClubDaugherty Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas!

Scrolling back through previous posts I noticed that last year I left a family letter to the random viewers of this page. It was a brief (haha) recap of 2013, so keeping in new tradition I assumed the role of explaining 2014 to the best of my abilities for #ClubDaugherty.

Atlantic City

Atlantic Ocean!

2014 is best explained by way of learning patience and faith. Heading into the second year of our marriage it wasn’t just learning those lessons towards each other, but also understanding and believing that God has a purpose and reason for why we exist. 2014 started off similar to the end of 2013, we were involved in women’s soccer, I was working for an investment firm, and Darco was brewing coffee (and much more).

January Darco got her first taste of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to a conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania we both headed out via car for the weekend.

He's 5 inches taller than me...

He’s 5 inches taller than me…

While the conference was rather…lacking (soccer). We did take the time to explore, including taking Darco to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Part of my dream has been to get Darco to see more things of the life around her, outside of just the place that she calls home. On route back we checked in with some dear friends of mine in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ensuring that we will see them again in 2015.


By February Darco and I started to feel the tug at our souls by God when dealing with the Kansas City Shock. While 2013 was fun and exciting, the same pieces weren’t coming together in 2014, and we could see the writing on the wall. It was time to hang up our hats and move on. We closed down the operations of the Kansas City Shock, on somber hearts, and decided it was time to remove all these different sticks that we had placed in the fire, and focus on our strengths.

5k I

Survived another race!

With the extra time heading into March Darco and I started to pick up running. We ran races stretching from far northern Missouri to deep into Arkansas. They were primarily 5K events, but at least for one of us, it sparked the interest of running more, and more, and more. We made great friends with companies that create rehydrating beverages, and started to drastically adjust our diets. We knocked out gluten, dairy, and refined sugars. While we’re not perfect, the different has been earth shattering. 2014 was definitely a year about health, and better understanding the human body.

Epic times!

Epic times!

Towards the end of the summer Darco and I were able to take an entire week to celebrate my birthday, her birthday, and our one year anniversary. This included truck racing, her first tattoo, and seeing family that I hadn’t seen in well over five years. This week is what became known as “#ClubDaugherty” due to our random interest in EDM music, and the fact that the two of us are always together, looking to rock something new.

Darco continued to push herself towards getting promoted in Starbucks, and finally into the early fall she moved to an assistant manager’s position. It truly was God’s timing, because while we were giving praise for her advancement, a new moment of patience was about to be forced upon us. At the end of August I was let go from my work at the investment firm. While it did stir the pot on the household, it didn’t come completely off guard. We had discussed for months that we felt my time was drawing near with the company, and when it came I inherently did the one thing that I’ve always done.

Too Cool For School

But first…

I went back to substitute teaching. Similar to 2013, I was in the same school district and frequently in the same school. Eventually I wound up being in charge of a single, 6th grade science classroom for an entire month. As God would have it, after that prolonged duration inside that classroom the school wound up offering my employment in the special education department. Since that point I’ve been hanging out with middle school students throughout the week and focusing on assisting students with writing, reading, and spelling. Darco was transferred to a Starbucks located ten minutes from my school. Due to this, and her schedule, we now run the same schedule, travel together, and see each other throughout the week. A very nice change of pace.

Middle school basketball for real!

Middle school basketball for real!

We still attend the same church we started going to in 2014, but with a slight twist. We’ve started a home church with two other families in the suburbs of the metro area. Each of them have young children (with more on the way!), so I’m learning to adapt and adjust to little kids. They’re sweet as can be, but as usual God still is working patience on me. No, Darco and I are not expecting any children…for a while at least.

Obviously, FilingThePapers is still going strong. It fascinates me to see where this website/blog started, and where it currently exists. God is a God of mystery for sure. Thankfully He wraps that mystery with love, and leaves us without doubt that He’s always watching over us.

Church Photo

We’re hipsters…

2015 already appears to be an eventful year. We’re finally going to be moving down into the city, now that both of our jobs are located there. I’ll be vying for a full time classroom position for the 2015-2016 school year, and Darco looks to be promoted to a full store manager around March. We’re runners, lovers, and all sorts of weird.

Thank you all for humoring our insanity, and praying for us when we had no idea you were. Here’s to a beautiful 2015!

To Him Be The Glory,
D & Darco