XXXI: Unknown Travelers

A phrase I’ve heard more than once inside the school over the past several weeks, directed at students…

Being an adult isn’t always that fun. Right now, it stinks.

This usually coincided with sick days, retirement issues, and taxes. Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: Where There’s Smoke…

I felt guilt throughout the day because I wasn’t at church tonight. I had made the choice to stay home and finish my final for class instead of heading out.

Thankfully, as the demonstration below shows, God still works even when you’re not in church.

This all took place about ten minutes ago:

I had just finished a lesson for my unit when the cat (AKA The Dark One) got up from his nap, ears perched back. I too shut off the music and was trying to figure out what this buzzing noise was coming from. At first I thought it was our refrigerator, but the noise was actually coming outside the door. I opened the door to see smoke filling the atrium of our apartment. Out comes a man, holding his right arm, with a look of disbelief on his face.

What happened?

I had a grease fire…

So, first I kicked him out of his apartment. Made sure the stove was turned off (fire was out at this point, ceiling is black with smoke). He grabs his puppies (literally) and gets out. 911 gets called due to the fact that he had burns down his right arm and nearly his entire face.

I got him into my apartment, trying to get him to sit down (he was obviously in shock), and talked with the emergency dispatch until the ambulance and fire department showed up. They wound up carting him away to the emergency room, his grandpa picked up the puppies (because I know you were concerned about their well being), and the fire department deemed the apartment safe.

Incredibly, not a single neighbor in our building stepped out to see what was going on through the entire duration of the event. Makes me a little happier that I decided to stay home this evening.


Mobile Minutes: Tag You’re It

Warning: Graphic my be sensitive to anyone named “Beth” …

Don’t live in that neighborhood. It’s rough. Lots of parties and cars being broken into…

That’s what I heard when I moved into my first apartment. However, you take risks when something comes cheap. Needless to say today was met with more of a sigh of disappointment versus anger and rage.


So my truck was a victim of poorly attempted graffiti.
I’m still trying to understand if this was visual instructions for someone named “Beth” or in a drunken stupor (or public school education from this city) someone forgot to add the important “C”, and I’m still not sure why a picture of earbuds were drawn with two eyes on the side…

Beth, music watches you…
Beth, I want to see your music…
Beth, I’m drunk, have you seen my earphones…

I suppose each option are feasible given the environment.
Oh well…Darco is filing the papers (*rim shot*) with the local police, and I’m seeking insight on removing marker from stainless steel.
I so forgot what wedges felt like…


XO: Sticks In The Fire

When you get older, you’re learn that it’s not always the best to have several sticks in the fire. Instead, remove a few and just focus on the rest that are still there.
-Wise Old Man-

I woke up this morning with Ny-Quil and this title stuck in my head. Half an hour later I made it out of bed, and actually started the day.

It’s been a while since I’ve actually given some ‘length’ to a post, and a deeper, more described identity to the life that I’m currently surrounded by. So, with drugs in hand, and a cat annoying me from behind…let us begin… Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: Last Day

Sadly, this is the last day of Darco and I just hanging around the apartment. We’re both ensuring that work goes back into stride starting tomorrow morning. However, we do have a few surprises coming this evening. A couch, a love seat, and a end table are heading our way around 5:00. So, we’ve been cleaning, rearranging, and preparing for that all throughout the day. One of the few minutes I’ve had to hop on here and say a few words.

Married life is great, definitely enjoying it, and one day this apartment will look normal again…one day…



Today I requested an archive of my Twitter account since its creation (in 2009 for those curious). Even through +33K 140 character tweets it is amazing to see the progress of life. It snowed today, I’ve been running everywhere because I’m employed. I’m writing presentations because I’m part of an incredible organization. I get to experience all of this in a very unique, beautiful area of the world, and spend some very precious time in a church in the middle of nothing. I have a beautiful girlfriend that is attached to me, and refuses to let go…no matter what. I live on my own, with supportive parents just down the road, and frankly:

I’m loving life like God has loved me.

Get your praise on!


Mobile Minutes: Painting Pictures

My girlfriend and I had the day together [mostly], and by the night we found ourselves freezing [again] at a local women’s soccer game.

Today was a struggle, several times I found myself at a boiling point, and my girlfriend and I were just not…gracious with one another [I’ll let you read in between the lines].

It finally hit a boiling point with the slamming of the car door this evening after stopping at Walmart for some pizza. It was a conversation about health, that like many other topics today, just immediately spiraled out of control into controversy, frustration, but thankfully no yelling.

I share this to again highlight that perfection is desirable, but not obtainable; especially in a relationship. Several times today I had to reflect back to my past, failed marriage and make changes at a moments notice today that I would not have done two years ago. It took patience, grace, and something else that I wasn’t sure what to make of.

Thankfully, after talking for hours tonight on the floor of my apartment, we parted ways with a hug, well wishes, and warm hearts.

How I’ve forgotten the never-ending strength of loving souls.

It’s frequently interesting to see a reoccurring pattern that has taken place in my life: people doing dramatic things to literally start over. They paint the picture of what their life is to be, what they dream it to be, and what they pray to God to show them it’ll be, and then suddenly; they go out and just do it.

No strings attached.

This website started off the whim of unknowingly knowing what I was getting ready to do next. Would anyone believe the kid that posted this ended up starting this?

Our stories all have a starting point, but more importantly they all have a climaxes as well. My girlfriend is starting to get to this point. The realization, as noted here earlier this week, is that times are changing for us. A new door is quickly [and I mean rapidly] opening up and we’re going to have to make a fast choice on the next chapter of life. Looking at the soccer perspective, living in Kansas City is very ideal for both of us. However, removing ourselves from the city we currently live in, that’s a solid adjustment for me; who just settled down, but more important; it’s life changing for my girlfriend who only knows this city as her life.

Painting a picture of what our lives could be, what we desire them to be, what we believe God wants them to be, some days is the only thing that keeps us moving. My girlfriend and I are constantly crunching numbers, looking at ledgers, and just trying to imagine, “When does this end?” in reaction towards bills.

It doesn’t, but it can become easier. The bills that is. In recent days the staff at Weber Creative Arts and the Kansas City Shock have finalized the designs for our sponsorship packages. It’s chilling to realize that it is real, but literally within the past few days I’ve scheduled three new meetings in the next week [not to mention breakfast with my dad…another post for later], just to talk to potential investors, and programs that we’re looking to partner up with. It’s a challenge, it isn’t easy, but together [thankfully] my girlfriend look at this blank slate, this moment to start over, and through our struggles we’re trying to stop thinking, “Remember when?”, and we’re trying to ask, “What’s next?”

God is good. When the night is over and the day is done, I’m so, so blessed to be able to look at my girlfriend and say, “God is good”. God didn’t put me in a cubicle, He didn’t allow me to wander into a classroom, He’s designed a unique life from the very beginning that can just be a bit different, and can shock just a few people.

What’s the picture your painting? What are you settling for? What are you dreaming about? How are you going to reach that dream?

If you’re not asking these questions every day you wake up, now is a great time to start.


Mobile Minutes: #dineinchallenge

After I got back from my trip; I got a text from my girlfriend. She wanted to start a good, budget friendly challenge between the two of us. It was crazy enough that I’m inviting you to join!

Here’s the deal:

We spend way too much money on fast food and eating out. It’s stupid. So, we’re trying to cut back and be a smart couple financially and physically [fast food is so bad versus home cooked…most of the time]. We came up with the #dineinchallenge [hashtag because it runs on Twitter]. The rules are simple; no dining out Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday it’d be wise not to, but no penalty. However, there is a penalty for dining out Monday through Friday. My girlfriend tried to come up with the one thing she hated more then anything when working out, and I do believe she found common ground for both of us.

Each time you dine-out=75 push-ups.

Sorry, but for me; that’s disgusting. I hate push-ups, almost as much as she does.

We’re even talking about implimenting rules that will allow another person to decide when you start doing your push-ups [randomly shopping in a mall, Sunday School, walking to the post office, etc…]. We’re fine tuning that one.

However, both of us thought it’d be great to invite all our lovely readers to try it out with us. Be sure to check her out at her site [that we’re working on motivating her to follow through with].

Good luck and be sure to use the hashtag #dineinchallenge on Twitter!

P.S. She already owes 75 push-ups…hehe…