Mobile Minutes: Waking Thoughts

A few quick thoughts this afternoon…

1. Starbucks new Starbucks Iced Double Shot with 20g of Protein is absolutely insane. I’m in heaven.
2. Give it up for afternoon naps. I’m not sure what it is, but two days in a row I’ve had a very short nap around 4:00 PM, and I mean I’m out like a rock. It’s incredible.
3. A huge thank you to you crazy number nerds! I was notified by WordPress last night that my ‘stats were booming’, and then I found out that yesterday the site had over 150 visits after this quick blog appeared. Again, thank you so much!

Anyways…carry on.


Mobile Minutes: One More…

One more full day.
One more Monday.
One more 24 hour cycle.

Then, it gets real.

I’m overly excited about July 1, 2014. There’s a lot going on mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I can easily say that the next chapter of FilingThePapers has definitely had a considerate amount of prayer infused into its unique workings and structure. There’s just a cool element that’s never been taken into consideration through the growth of the writing content of this website, blog, personal journal, etc…

Who knows, perhaps to the reader it really won’t matter much. It may become a bit cliche for some, but that’s alright. In the beginning FilingThePapers was merely an illustration of the journey of divorce. The pain, frustration, and overall hopelessness that comes with it. It’s matured as the years have passed, and I’m grateful for that. I suppose where the first three chapters have focused strongly on the external world around me, and learning to adapt to an ever evolving environment; the fourth chapter is going deep into the internal workings of mind, body, and soul. The hard questions get asked, and more importantly, the limits will be pushed. Where the term self-discipline was mentioned in the past three chapters, it becomes a building block of the fourth.

I can’t sleep at the moment because I’ve drank WAY too much coffee this evening (Tornado Warning and all that fun stuff), and because I’m very, very excited about the upcoming adventure. I’ve never been a person to plot out the journey of life, to meditate, pray, and focus on God’s voice rather than my own. Just the honest truth, that’s what makes the fourth chapter so exciting.

Grabbing Darco's phone because mine was dead...

There was a Tornado Warning issued with this one.

It’s no longer solely about the life that I live, but instead aims at demonstrating a mission that God controls.


Mobile Minutes: Changing of the Guard

Late night posts are always the best [though no one ever sees them].

After much debate, prayer, and guidance I’m pleased to announce that “XO” will be drawing to a close in June. Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: USSF

Tonight I wrote a letter to the United States Soccer Federation addressing my concerns on their lack of effort in ways of assisting the growth of women’s soccer inside the United States.

To Whom It May Concern:

Rest assured that I have spent countless nights telling myself not to write to the United States Soccer Federation, but as a lover of the ‘beautiful game’, I’m afraid that like my fellow fans and colleagues I too must take action with the power of the pen.

In recent weeks it has been noted throughout the women’s soccer community that the Women’s Professional Soccer league [WPS] is struggling. Not just financially, but also in sake of facing sanctions for limiting the league to five teams based on the dismissal of the sixth; which also was on waiver from the USSF’s preference of eight. However, before we turn our eyes, bid farewell to the second generation of the W-USA, I’d like to make three points on the justification of the support of WPS.

First, we need to analyze and understand that the dismissal of the sixth team, MagicJack, was by all intents and purposes smooth action taken in part of the command of WPS. For many months there had been a struggle between one, Dan Borislow and the committee of WPS. Sanctions, fines, and other disciplinary actions were measures taken by WPS to demonstrate not just to Mr. Borislow, but also to the soccer community that this is a professional league, and like MLS, NBA, and NFL when rules are established with the bi-laws of the contractional agreement between owners and the office; these rules are expected to be followed. In the event of Mr. Borislow, no matter the players on the team, he too must be held accountable for his actions, or in many cases; lack thereof. Additionally, even though an owner is drowning in their own revenue from other expenditures, in order for a corperate entity to maintain control, money, no matter how lucrative, cannot control a league. We should applaud WPS for taking actions, by taking the risk, dissolving the program, and demonstrating to your office, to our fan base, and to the world that they’re as professional as anyone else.

Continue reading…