Mobile Minutes: Grumpy Old Man

Truth: I’m already that person secretly wishing for an EMP. Solely for the fact that cat videos and snaps won’t be available…

…meaning that we’ll be forced to communicate with one another.



#429 of things I never dreamed that I’d witness in my lifetime:

Waking up late on a Saturday morning, heading into town with my wife to enjoy a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop. Driving home, paying bills, balancing our account, and beginning the deep cleaning of our house. Witnessing the fact that we’re actually growing our savings while paying off bills in mass at the same time.

Pretty cool place.

Cats are sleeping, wife’s out enjoying the day with her friends, and I’m joyfully at home. Relaxed, listening to progressive tracks of synthesized music, and taking care of this life that we have.

We are blessed.

We will praise.



Mobile Minutes: Mother’s Day

Bragging rights for MC:

1. Lifetime Ticket Holder of the Kansas City Shock
2. Former teacher
3. Title XI Motivator
4. Logistics Coordinator
5. Master Gardner
6. Crazy Cat Lady
7. Cancer Survivor!
8. Diabities Conqueror!
9.,God fearing, mission oriented, submissive wife
10. Motorcycle riding, 55 year old, six foot tall woman who has been the inspiration and motivation behind so many things I’ve been involved in.


Needless to say, I’m blessed.

Happy Mother’s Day All!


-The Son Of MC-