Mobile Minutes: Meh

When working in the garden with MC this afternoon that was the best way I could describe Monday…


If I worked in a cubicle…it’d be that day…you know…the one that brings back clips of “Office Space”. I’m not saying it was awful for a day, but it was definitely…meh…

One of our players traveling internationally was held up at Customs in Atlanta tonight; resulting in a phone call from Customs to me this evening [I can now relate to parents and phone calls from the Principal’s office]; all’s good except that she missed her flight because of it and is delayed in Atlanta for the next nine hours [send her well wishes on Twitter] and won’t be in until tomorrow morning.

Business issues and staff discussions filled my day, random emails came and went. It just felt like that Monday.

Tomorrow begins anew [in about two minutes]. It’s amazing though what passive stress can do to an individual.