Mobile Minutes: #dineinchallenge

After I got back from my trip; I got a text from my girlfriend. She wanted to start a good, budget friendly challenge between the two of us. It was crazy enough that I’m inviting you to join!

Here’s the deal:

We spend way too much money on fast food and eating out. It’s stupid. So, we’re trying to cut back and be a smart couple financially and physically [fast food is so bad versus home cooked…most of the time]. We came up with the #dineinchallenge [hashtag because it runs on Twitter]. The rules are simple; no dining out Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday it’d be wise not to, but no penalty. However, there is a penalty for dining out Monday through Friday. My girlfriend tried to come up with the one thing she hated more then anything when working out, and I do believe she found common ground for both of us.

Each time you dine-out=75 push-ups.

Sorry, but for me; that’s disgusting. I hate push-ups, almost as much as she does.

We’re even talking about implimenting rules that will allow another person to decide when you start doing your push-ups [randomly shopping in a mall, Sunday School, walking to the post office, etc…]. We’re fine tuning that one.

However, both of us thought it’d be great to invite all our lovely readers to try it out with us. Be sure to check her out at her site [that we’re working on motivating her to follow through with].

Good luck and be sure to use the hashtag #dineinchallenge on Twitter!

P.S. She already owes 75 push-ups…hehe…