Mobile Minutes: Adjusted And Blue

Alright, after getting home, grabbing some wings, kissing my fiance, and listening to her harass me about the website I’m sitting here past my bedtime ensuring that things are smoothly running. What do you think?

Personally, I like the live Twitter feed at the top of page; it further identifies the social media presence in my opinion. It did start with a red header, but I moved it to blue because…well I don’t like red.

Most everything else should be set and adjusted like usual on the right hand side. I like the white background as it has assisted the media to ‘pop’ a bit more. One thing I’ll be aiming for is to improve the amount of media that’s presented on the page. As everyone knows; adding pictures can greatly heighten the interaction with the viewer.

All of us still enjoy picture books…

I’m off for the evening; some more sorting will be done tomorrow I’m sure. Again, thanks for the patience.



Mobile Minutes: Nowhere Fast

One thing I’m learning about July 4th is that while it is a national holiday it isn’t necessarily received as a national holiday by area businesses. So when I woke up this morning I had a email inside my gmail account and it was about the potential job interview application thing that I had gone through for a soccer club up north in a large city. And what I learned from that today was that the individual that I didn’t reviewed with had told me that while my credentials for impressive an outstanding like every other business out there. Unfortunately I was not the candidate for hiring so that means back to the drawing board on employment I can say this is not necessarily how I wanted to start my July 4th but it means that I just need to keep trying and following where I believe God is leading me. I can’t say that I’m not slightly upset because it is unfortunate however obviously God has a bigger plan that I can’t see and that I need to be able to accept. So for today my fiance will be home from work here in about an hour she’s going to rest since she’s been at work since 430 this morning. Afterwards we will be heading into the countryside for some food and fireworks with some business friends. I hope it is relaxing and enjoyable and that’s it just kind of takes a little bit of pressure off of life at the moment.

so here is the cool thing about this post. I’ve actually made the entire post by using Google Talk and not using the keypad on my phone at all. there are a few mistakes and I have had to use the delete button a couple times but overall pretty easy.


O: Atlas

Rail Yard Panorama

I took a run through the city today [and as you can tell above, I had my camera with me]. I found myself in an abandoned rail yard in the downtown section of the city I grew up in. I remember the cars that traveled these rails, the packed parking lot of industrial hope, and determined economic growth. For me, that rail yard was the first thing to welcome me when I crossed the river each day.

Today though, it’s a vacant lot. Abandoned, worn down, peeled steel, and broken glass galore. I think the lot and myself were feeling about the same thing at the same time. We’re worn out, worn down, and lacking value. Maybe I just took the picture to remember the past, envision the future, or just relate? I’m not sure. While kicking rocks and watching the traffic of the interchange pass by I fully felt the world’s weight on my shoulders.

Later this evening it’d only get worse as my fiance and I would discuss finances for the upcoming month; a painful topic. Because we’re both from similar financial backgrounds, we both know what we both don’t want, and we both know what we fear. It was a heated discussion, turned argument, turned a tearful, sad evening. That’s the brutal truth of the matter. Omaha struck a major deal with Sporting Kansas City today, which caused for a silent phone and silent optimism.

It’s hard [like that’s anything new]; my poor fiance is honestly the hardest working person I know. She’s kept herself off of the street for two years now by working way more then she ever should have, and trying to convince her that, while I don’t always know here, the money will be available, God will reign, and our faith will be restored is hard. Especially when I even have problems believing that concept. It became extremely hard when she uttered,

What if God is just going to let us fall on our butts?

It’s a hard and common question. We have this earthly fear that God will let us fall, no matter how good something looks. However, this is what I’m starting to learn: when you’re following what He wants you to do. In instance; let’s use the ever-so-easy example of the Kansas City Shock. Brutally honest; there’s no way in several circumstances that any of this idea should have worked. Guess what? It did, and sure enough we’re in another similar situation in which I have no choice but to lean on faith because that is all I have left.

What’s painful, and Darco knows this also, is the Shock is our ministry. We cannot and will not turn our back on where God has led us, but that doesn’t mean the struggle with fear isn’t real. It’s very real and very in our face…daily. It’s irritating to know that the devil knows where Darco and I struggle, and it is with faith on finances; it’s something we both haven’t had. Mix that in with owning a business, that business being your ministry, and knowing that it isn’t financially ‘cutting you checks’, and people who are already worn…it can wipe them out.

I feel wiped out.
We feel wiped out.

I’m heading to bed with the weight of the world on my shoulders, desperately clinging on to the one thing, the one entity that much of the world [and a strong part of the industry I’m in] refuses to even acknowledge existing.

I guess that’s daring to be different.

I suppose that’s believing that He will shock the world.




I feel like a college student in saying this:

There is nothing about getting up early that results in praise…

Now that, that is out of my system.

This morning was my first phone interview for a job that I had applied to a few weeks ago. It was supposed to go for thirty minutes…it lasted an hour. Very casual, just talking shop, business, and dreams. Interestingly enough though, there were several parallels that formed between all the different projects that my hands are currently in. Let’s just say it this way: I love development.

From the phone call [I’m one of nine, narrowed from an applicant base of 25] there is the strong potential that I’m looking at a face-to-face interview next week. I think safely this is the best I can say currently. I’m very excited and very, very grateful for the places that God has placed me in over the years. I know that Darco is very, very excited about what has been going on [remember, she’s never lived outside of the city we’re currently in], and she did move all of her stuff into my apartment yesterday. No worries, she’s still sleeping at her house until August 2nd.

So yeah, thanks for the prayers because today was a very, very good day. God is good and is rapidly opening some life changing doors.

Oh by the way…

Here’s some fun on a new Kansas City Shock shirt project [still being adjusted]:

Keep calm ya'll...

Keep calm ya’ll…










Mobile Minutes: Lifetime Shifts

You just always know that gut sensation when things are changing within your life and large adjustments are about to take place. That’s been today in a nut shell.

It’s been a rapid past four days; with games on Thursday and Saturday, both unique in their own being, a player in the hospital, and this whole job thing…I’m trying to catch my breath right now.

Thursday had a full fledged professional soccer team come up from Houston to play us, and they were a good side. What was awesome was watching the Shock step up and go toe-to-toe with that program. They also got to unleash their “All Blues” as I’ve come to call them. They’re a dark blue Puma jersey and man, I love them. The final score was 1:4 in favor of Houston, but trust me, the score does not explain the play on the field. It gave me an opportunity to talk to the owner of the program a bit as well, a little business chat, and per usual I can’t say much [actually on my own choosing], but it was very beneficial, encouraging, and started getting me excited for what the future holds.

Friday I wound up on a day trip with my fiance to St. Louis. I had made an earlier note that there was a wedding in St. Louis that I was going to attend. However a home game interfered, so I worked with my friend and he invited me and Darco down to St. Louis for the rehearsal dinner [amazing by the way]. It was a pleasant trip out and a long one back with us getting back in town around 2:00 AM Saturday morning. Do I regret it? Not even for a moment. Being able to see a man who really was my primary source to God while going through the divorce, so excited with his bride-to-be? There isn’t anything of value that compares to that experience. Best of luck to you Andrew and Melinda Seley 😉

Saturday was brought into existence by rain and storms. Our game with the USA Women’s National Deaf soccer team was pushed back two hours. However, the game did take place, tickets were sold, and an incredible match took place that I’ll never forget. It literally was the bare roots aspect of growing the game of soccer in its purest form. It was all about the national team, everything was, and it was awesome [and they played very well also].

A mass group photo of both the Kansas City Shock and the USA Women's National Deaf team.

A mass group photo of both the Kansas City Shock and the USA Women’s National Deaf team.

Our captain with the co-captains of the USA Women's National Deaf team after the match. Our jersey will be going with them to Bulgaria next month for the Deaflympics!

Our captain with the co-captains of the USA Women’s National Deaf team after the match. Our jersey will be going with them to Bulgaria next month for the Deaflympics!

Today was all about recovery from the road trips, late night food stops, and lack of sleep. I finally got to MoVal [gone last week] with Darco and we could talk about our engagement and of course the team [for a church in the middle of a corn field, you wouldn’t believe how pumped these folks are about soccer]. Afterwards, sadly Darco had to go to work, but I wound up hanging out with Jim for Father’s Day, grilling some strips, eating too much food, and drinking way too much coffee. Through this afternoon I received a phone call from the league commissioner, asking if I’d take the responsibility for ‘inspecting’ incoming teams within the region [placing emphasis on a few key areas], the media director for our region contacted me and now she’s set to go [and is going to do an amazing job], and finally I received an email tonight that was a followup to a job application I put in. I now have a phone meeting to discuss my credentials sometime this week with this potential employer [that also happens to be in the same location as one of the areas I’m to look at for the league for future development]. So, now I’m up typing this crazy thing and at the same time starting research on different venues of information prior to the phone call later this week. Basically, I’m back to studying and I have no complaints about it. The amazing part of this is knowing that if that job were to take place, it would require relocation [no problem], Darco and I would be married, and she’d most likely be at the point of promotion within her job which would allow a transfer for her to be much easier.

Needless to say; sometimes you just get that gut feeling that it’s time for another shift in life.


Mobile Minutes: Project Corn Part IV


We walked away from yesterdays match with 2:1 win. It was not easy. The final goal came from our Aussie in the 89th minute. The ladies were bruised and exhausted. A win hard fought.

The rest of the night was spent carb loading (pasta galore) and relaxing. Even I was out by 10:00 PM CST. There was some standard league drama, but for the most part nine hours of sleep never felt so good.

Thankfully while I was at Walmart last night I found the local Starbucks. Something I took advantage of today. Talked to my FIANCE this morning (so cool to say), and got lunch taken care of. The vans leave in two hours so they need refueled, and lunch will be ready in that time as well (yes, I visited Subway). Game is at 4:30 PM CST making the night being long. No major injuries last night, and the team is in high spirits.

Major props to Super 8 of Moline, Illinois. Their hospitality has been unreal, and I’ve been so, so impressed by them. Also, I got my own swag! Puma came through and I wound up with my own bag. Pretty sweet. You may think that’s a small deal, but since high school I dreamed of being able to rock some gear that represents a team, who would have thought?


Fact: I’m living in a dream and to God be the glory for it.


O: Banana Pancakes

I told myself that I’d never do anything to any cheesy effects of Jack Johnson, John Mayer, or Train…

I went two for three.

I find it fascinating that this time last year I was wrapping up the first volume of FilingThePapers; the section well known as “X“. The primary focal point about the immediate recovery of divorce and moving on in my own life. With the adventure of Guatemala really making its mark of a year from the divorce; I started over with volume two, labeled “O” [Get it yet? X’s and O’s?…hehe…]. The second volume really emphasized growth, it wasn’t aimed so much at reflection as much as it was moving forward; most notably the theme tended to unintentionally revolve around the creation of the Kansas City Shock and seeing God’s hand do marvelous, inexpiable things with the program, including the kick-off of this sports team just a few weeks ago. I never really thought about where “O” would end. With “X” I had a game plan, a blue print, an idea of how to wrap it up. How do wrap the continuation of ones life? I think my girlfriend answered it without realizing it.

It’s been a crazy, crazy week. On Monday, after ten years of service, I stepped away from Subway for good. It wasn’t planned to be this prompt, but it was coming. There were several factors adding to the eventual moment that took place on Monday, some on my end some on my employers end. Insanely “Mobile Minutes: Equipment Check” really was a key for me. I went into Monday’s meeting knowing that there was a strong likelihood I’d leave without being employed with Subway. Because of that it really didn’t hurt when the truth came out of what was taking place. Now, in this process I did lose the company car and the ultrabook [laptop] because they were company property. I’ve been adjusting, but am already looking for own ultrabook because I like my eight year old laptop…but it is just that…eight years old. Thankfully, God has blessed me with a truck that won’t die. Seriously. It was over 268,000 miles on it and I witnessed my family [MC primarily] put each one of those miles on the truck. It’s been good to me, and in the worse case scenario, it gives me transportation. Now, if I need to go down south, to the city, or a business trip I’m further blessed with my girlfriends car in those instances until something else gets figured out. Unlike being jobless a few years ago, I do have money to get me through comfortably the next 90 days while I work on additional employment. I really, really wish there was a way for the Kansas City Shock to be my full time job, but currently it’s a new business and because of that, the money isn’t there yet. That’s alright, because also unlike last time, I know God has my back and He has something incredible in store for me. Some applications I’ve put in I’ve already started to hear back from [whether that employer knows it or not]. I will confess that I’m strongly aiming at the soccer market. Because of the Kansas City Shock, my calling, ministry, and life…that’s where I know I need to be. Now, we’ll just see how God wants to plan it out. It was kind of sad to see my supervisor off from Subway, she’s a God fearing woman who has known me most of those ten years. However, outside of her and a few others, there wasn’t much of a connection with that company so stepping away wasn’t too hard. As I explained to MC over lunch on Monday, Subway did exactly what it was supposed to do. It moved me from Point A [divorced, alone, stuck down south] to Point B [the city, a family, and a new life]. When you see what God has done with a job, and how short life is compared to eternity, it doesn’t sting as much [aside from the car being gone]. The staff with the Kansas City Shock knows that I’m gone from Subway, but I’m very, very fortunate that my earnings from Subway were not the direct ‘lifeline’ of finances for the Shock. This assists in knowing that, that program isn’t negatively affected by this transition and it continues to move smoothly.

Obviously in this process my girlfriend was caught off guard with me leaving the company. She’s working her tail off at Starbucks trying to move up the career ladder [and kicking butt in that process mind you], so it stemmed all sorts of questions of immediate panic that have calmed down. While many people didn’t know the exact circumstances with my job, she was aware, so while there was some direct panic; it wasn’t overly shocking. However, even Monday night I did find myself questioning what was going on with life and what to do next [I hadn’t started the resume/application process yet]. My girlfriend, knowing me so well, started sending me links to YouTube videos of hedgehogs [she wants one desperately], and then a random video of the song “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson. Turns out, her not being a yuppy, she’d missed that song a few years ago. It was cute, light, and loving. It only makes sense that come Tuesday morning I wound up eating banana pancakes at the apartment with her [she made foster too…and it was excellent], and we started to talk about what our next move should be [several times over we’ve made the comments that it is us vs the world, the beginning of week helped solidify that]. I think really this is where the true insanity of the week started. The conversation, while not 100% accurate, went something like this:

D: So, now what?
Girlfriend: I don’t know, what do you think?
D: Not sure. Want to get engaged?
Girlfriend: Really?
D: Sure. Why not?
Girlfriend: I wonder if Kay’s has that ring I like in stock.
D: We could grab it today. Let’s go look.
Girlfriend: Let me call first.
[calls four different locations in the area]
Girlfriend: They don’t have it in stock, and it would require at least three days to get here.
D: Want to go see if there is one that you may love more that’s in stock?
Girlfriend: Are we seriously doing this?
D: Absolutely
Girlfriend: Alright. Let’s go!

Now, I’m not going to say that conversation is extremely accurate, but that was the overall gist of the moment. We got in her car and drove to the local mall and walked into Kay’s. Then the fun began. She started looking at rings, and of course the ladies at Kay were top-notch [as always], and then ‘it happened’. You know, she saw that ring and that was going to be the ring. No matter what. She sat there in Kay’s holding this ring, and just paused for a while thinking on whether or not this moment was really happening. It didn’t take that long before I heard, “We’ll take it!”

At the register, processing the paperwork, the lady asked if I would like to put the ring on her in the store. Naturally, I declined the offer and just had it boxed up and placed in the sack. Incredible, through all these ‘reckless’ moves, I did have a plan.

When I was little there was a spot next to the Missouri River that I loved going to. No docks, no houses, nothing, out in the country right next to the giant body of water [I even had senior pictures taken there]. It was my secret spot, even at the age of 25 I rarely took anyone to that location. It was a place, in Kansas, that meant the world to me and I could escape everything. In my girlfriends case she has a undying love of rivers and bodies of water; reasons of which I’ll never understand.

It only makes sense that we took a short five miles jog across the river to this secret spot. There was no candles, no cameras, in fact I was in running clothes and she was in mismatched work/comfort clothes. Honestly, we were a humorous mess that anyone could tell that the day before took an unknown toll on each of us. In that mess and near the body of water that both of us relate to so well, I got down on one knee and just asked her to marry me [not as easy as it sounds, because understand this…those who never have…you will get nervous]. Insanely the ring didn’t need to be resized at all and it was a perfect fit. Afterwards, we went and worked out [true story] and then surprised my mother at her house. Somewhere in the mix of this Facebook went nuts with a photo and congratulations galore [thank you all!], and we just entertainingly laughed the night away because we did something unpredictable. I can safely say at least 99% of the people who know us would not have seen that one coming, and that’s fine with both of us because through this whole crazy process we made sure that we were doing something that we orchestrated not dictated by anyone else. That is more liberating then even walking away from a job.

What’s next?


  • Restructuring FilingThePapers…again
  • Meeting with our pastor from MoVal tonight
  • Job applications and such
  • Kansas City Shock season is in full tilt
  • Engagement photos
  • Really…the list could go on and on…

For those of you who’ve just now discovered this page you should do some digging, and see what this was all about. For those of you who have been with me since day 1, thank you for the support, prayers, and for humoring me on my careless adventures.


That is one happy chica!





















FilingThePapers isn’t going anywhere, I’m definitely not ending the site [it’s far too fun], and I’m already knee deep in the first draft of “X: Dare To Be Different”.

Let’s see what comes next!


Note: If anyone ever got confused, I would like to clarify that my girlfriend is indeed the same person that is referred to as Darco throughout these posts. What’s even more incredible is I’m marrying the same girl that I had the honor of leading to Christ one night in the parking lot of Starbucks.