Mobile Minutes: International Traveler

I randomly awoke up 3:50 AM and checked my phone (it was on silent while I slept).

Four missed calls from Australia.

One of our players heading into Kansas City was briefly held up in Adelaide, but got through it (with an incredible mother along the way assisting).

Wound up in Sydney. Next flight had engine issues, flight was cancelled, and now she’s stuck in Sydney and will be coming in a day later.

I’ve never witnessed in all travels this many problems. Personal thought? Prayer. Something is working against this program, and it is dark.


Mobile Minutes: Meh

When working in the garden with MC this afternoon that was the best way I could describe Monday…


If I worked in a cubicle…it’d be that day…you know…the one that brings back clips of “Office Space”. I’m not saying it was awful for a day, but it was definitely…meh…

One of our players traveling internationally was held up at Customs in Atlanta tonight; resulting in a phone call from Customs to me this evening [I can now relate to parents and phone calls from the Principal’s office]; all’s good except that she missed her flight because of it and is delayed in Atlanta for the next nine hours [send her well wishes on Twitter] and won’t be in until tomorrow morning.

Business issues and staff discussions filled my day, random emails came and went. It just felt like that Monday.

Tomorrow begins anew [in about two minutes]. It’s amazing though what passive stress can do to an individual.


Mobile Minutes: Vegas Part V

Got a two hour nap since returning from Reno this morning. All packed and heading to the airport. Cannot believe we don’t drove 900 miles in one day!

Also found my vacation location when it is time for rest: Sparks, Nevada and Lake Tahoe. Anytime business is required out here I’ll always go through Reno, not Las Vegas.


Yeah, there was nothing out there…


Mobile Minutes: Vegas Part III

Up early again. Heading north and driving through the desert. Looking for Starbucks. Nice and warm in Vegas. It’s 38 and snowing in Reno, Nevada. I also started sweating due to the heat in Phoenix. This area definitely gives Missouri a run for its money on extremes.

Still have plenty of energy, but I’m fearful of tomorrow for sure. We’ll be getting back to Vegas around 2:00 AM and our flight leaves at 10:00 AM.

No rest for the weary.


O: Snake Eyes

It’s been a whirlwind of a week. Just a blitz of many sorts. I’m going to fight the sleep and try to get something pumped out tonight before dozing off…

Ideally the imaginative mind of myself has been at work since Sunday, and yes it all started at MoVal.

For the past several weeks I’ve been in a rut; a spiritual rut. I knew that owning a business, a unique one at that, would be difficult at times. However, the biggest struggle I’ve had out of it all has simply been the doubting and the fear. Those of you familiar with the ongoing story line of the Kansas City Shock know that it has been an…entertaining…journey to say the least. It wears on you though, especially when you’re not strapped into your faith.

I wasn’t strapped and I was being flung around. Every day I was more tired then the next, I was getting sick, I was told to rest, I couldn’t sleep, etc…something was just off. I’d lost the momentum, the drive, and realistically…the faith.

That’s when I stepped into the church last Sunday and watched as our preacher, Duck Dynasty quotes and all, took the ‘stage’. Now, he yells because he is passionate, he stomps because he’s passionate, but he tells the truth because God works through him.

God put a target on my forehead.

For the next several minutes [hours?] I listened as Jared went through a sermon about knowing when God expects you to take a risk. That is something I can relate to. So, Darco, Dur, and myself started keeping track of the points he was making, comparing them to what I knew about the Shock, and for the first time in a long time I made a very startling discovery:

I’m exactly right where He wants me to be.

I’ve dreamed of the day of taking risks, but I never dreamed it would be done through soccer. I mean, you want some risks…try building a women’s soccer program in a market that’s never had it, then be the youngest person in the United States to command it, factor in a handful of people from every walk of life, an extremely young [and very talented] head coach and that’s enough to cause some concern. Factor in another team starting at the exact same time in the exact same city in a completely different league that is literally ran by the US Soccer Federation, and has nation team players. Throw in a few people that want you to fail, and a soccer ‘blogging world’ of the area that doesn’t give a flip, and honestly…that’s a recipe for problems.

The scariest part?

It. Is. Still. Working.

I stepped out of church and my girlfriend, who I love dearly, looks at me and says, “Well…I guess that answers that question…” and proceeded to get into the car.

So, at this point I made a bold [repetitive] decision that I was going to listen to God, not fall into doubt, and believe that I’m on the right path.

Since that point two things have happened:

A. I’m sleeping so much better at night, it’s insane.
B. I have had so many hurdles thrown in my way, my head is still spinning.

Being able to sleep is very, very nice [can I get an “AMEN!”], but really the second point is the more fascinating area. It’s incredible, when you’re focused, when you see the hurdle you easily read that it isn’t there because you’ve made some mistake. It’s there to knock you loose, shake you down, and cause you to stumble. Incredibly, for all the hurdles that have been found this week, it’s only caused the push to become harder and harder.

When you’re following the grace of God and hurdles come up, they should merely be that reminder that you’re on the right path.

There are still so many issues that I don’t have answers for at the moment, and the temptation of doubt just nips at me all day long. I can’t give up though; He’s brought me too far on this amazing journey, and I firmly believe that this is just the beginning.

Tomorrow I begin the next leg of the journey; the traveling of 2013. So far on the list is already Las Vegas, Nevada; Sparks, Nevada; and Boston, Massachusetts [that leads up to May]. This weekend is the AGM for the league that the Kansas City Shock is apart of. Darco [traveling buddy] will be chilling with me as we head over to ‘sin city’ and then later up into the northern area of Sparks, Nevada [Reno] to see some great friends of ours. I most definitely would ask for prayers on Saturday, I’m not sure what this thing is going to be like, but I know that it is a great opportunity for God to show off some amazing stuff, and I believe it can happen.

Per all fun travels, I’ll be running “Mobile Minutes: Vegas Part [#]” through the weekend; photos, video, and everything else Darco and I can come up with. Also, if you’re on Twitter be sure to follow the hashtag #wpslAGM for a closer look into how Saturday is going.

He has some big things coming up, I know He’s just waiting to put me on my face…again…


2012 Special: Growing Wings

It would be a tragedy if I didn’t follow suit of so many other digital authors and not disclose my inner, darkest secrets by way of a reflection of the 2012 year of my life.

While there is some sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek reference in the noted piece above, realistically I think it would be wise to share an overview, an overall thought, if you will, of the 2012 year in my life.

Walking up my snow covered steps into my apartment tonight I mulled over the different aspects and ideas of terming this piece, “Would it be ‘Mobile Minutes’? Should it be ‘O’? Do I start over with a new letter? No. That’s stupid.” However, I think the standard “2012 Special” does suffice to bring attention and a simple thought to capture the overall idea of what this year was all about should also be included.

Growing Wings

Thankfully I am not a bird, and by no means do i recognize myself even being remote to angelic hosts. However, in the first time in twenty five years, I felt the drive for adventure and I went for it. The later part of 2011 I found myself recovering, searching, and trying to put pieces together in order to find the next part of my journey. It turns out traumatic events, like a divorce, will do that to you.

Below you’ll find the links; yes the master link files, to some of the bigger moments of the 2012 year for FilingThePapers and myself.

These are just a few of the many reasons to be thankful for the last year. New friends, same family, growing each and every day. by now it is January 1st, 2013 and I’m feeling alive and well. To all of those who have read, written, contributed, prayed, screamed, and laughed; thank you! Let’s be sure that 2012 is merely a memory by the time we get done with 2013!

Let’s soar like eagles…


P.S. New Year’s started on a great note! Check this out by the Kansas City Star! The Kansas City Shock got named dropped with the big guys in the soccer world!

Mobile Minutes: LA Part VI

Sleeping through osmosis…

Current state of mind…I’m hoping that if I keep the pillow on my head, that my body will recover energy without me actually having to sleep.

This is a failed experiment.

Heading back to Kansas City LATE tomorrow night. Out of hotel by 11:00 AM, car returned by 2:00 PM, boarding at 5:55 PM…arriving in Kansas City around 11:45 PM. It’s going to be a late night.

Today has been, again, non-stop. Will definitely take some of my free time tomorrow and get it all posted.

Yes, I do have a sunburn and I am as surprised as you are.





Mobile Minutes: LA Part II

Landed in Minneapolis. I’ll never complain about Kansas City being flat ever again.

Getting ready to board the flight to LA. I’m nervous. Anyone close to me can tell you that I get nervous when I’m on my own. Let alone being turned loose on the 405 in the City of Angeles. Thankfully my hotel is close to the airport, and I’ll only be required to spend a total of 40 miles on the 405. Driving in corn fields? No big deal.

Driving in LA?

Prayers are requested.

Realistically. I’m blessed beyond words and I cannot believe I’ve been given this incredible opportunity.


Mobile Minutes: LA Part I

I haven’t even left…
Morning breakfast with my beautiful girlfriend. She’ll be taking me to KCI in a few hours. I am heading to Los Angeles for the weekend for a few key reasons:


A. Most notably for the USA vs Australia match in women’s soccer.
B. I’ll be meeting some digital friends that have created their own soccer program in Nevada. Very curious, fascinated, and overall excited.
C. Truthfully, it is a vacation. After a few releases with the Shock, crazy amounts of work, and moving; I’m looking forward to taking a few days in a foreign world and just relaxing with new friends.
D. Twitter folks, several followers for women’s soccer who follow me reside in the area. I’m pumped to learn their stories.

…ground control, this is Major Tom…


Mobile Minutes: Restless

I’ve been awake in bed since 5:00. I’ve gone through Twitter and Facebook multiple times. Read that the Brisbane Roar won the A-League title today (slight obsession with Australia), and contemplated how I’m going to work my stores today. Suffice to say I wasn’t planning on being up at this time, and I’d like to go back to sleep.
Lately, reality within the past week, I’ve been waking up very sudden, trying to figure out my location. Maybe traveling everywhere is catching up finally. Not sure. Several times, randomly, I’ve awaken thinking that I’m still married. Personally, while trying to figure this out, along with why I’ve been on such an edge lately, I’ve started to wonder if the upcoming year anniversary of the divorce, I’m already allowing to mess with me. I hope this isn’t the case, as I would expect more from myself.
Life isn’t perfect.
Thank goodness.
That’d just be boring.
I’m off to get some z’s…hopefully.