Yes! That's a Kansas City Shock jersey!

Yes! That’s a Kansas City Shock jersey!

This is one of the cooler photos I’ve received in a while. The picture you see is the USA Women’s National Deaf Soccer Team; one of the hardest working, least recognized soccer programs in the United States. They’re currently in the 2013 Deaflympics in Bulgaria. They have played two games, and have a goal differential of 13 [that’s huge], with 11-0, and 2-0 wins.

So, we received this photo today of them posing for the camera, and yes…those dark shirts you see? On the left that’d be a Kansas City Shock jersey and on the right our 2013 t-shirt. It’s pretty cool to see our gear in other countries.

And of course; the women’s team better bring back gold!



Mobile Minutes: Meh

When working in the garden with MC this afternoon that was the best way I could describe Monday…


If I worked in a cubicle…it’d be that day…you know…the one that brings back clips of “Office Space”. I’m not saying it was awful for a day, but it was definitely…meh…

One of our players traveling internationally was held up at Customs in Atlanta tonight; resulting in a phone call from Customs to me this evening [I can now relate to parents and phone calls from the Principal’s office]; all’s good except that she missed her flight because of it and is delayed in Atlanta for the next nine hours [send her well wishes on Twitter] and won’t be in until tomorrow morning.

Business issues and staff discussions filled my day, random emails came and went. It just felt like that Monday.

Tomorrow begins anew [in about two minutes]. It’s amazing though what passive stress can do to an individual.


Mobile Minutes: Contagious

Freedom is a fuel.

Hope is the ignition.

For several days now I’ve been talking about losing hope, looking for hope, and hoping that God hears me. While things have become much more entertaining in the recent 72 hours, the struggles still exist. However, through this evening I had the pleasure to briefly chat with one of our international players; one that was getting rather…antsy to say the least.

Through the short dialogue via email I found something fascinating in between the sentences; a short little quote:

…that ‘hope’ that you talk about in your blogs.. Ive got it…

Since I do get to take a peak at my insights every so often on WordPress; I do know when people from other countries are cruising through these pages.

If this message further amplifies hope in another individual…I’ve accomplished my mission.

Careful, hope can be the ignition.