First snow day as a teacher. It was announced a few hours ago. Trust me, I love my kids. However, I’m blessed to be given one more day of recovery from the fall before going back to school. Mentally I need it.

Additionally, my parents amaze me. They braved the weather, came to our house, shoveled our drive, thawed out the cars, and cooked meals for us. Jim fell on the ice while shoveling, I nearly cried, just because seeing family doing work for my sake was humbling at the least.

I don’t deserve a life like this. I am blessed beyond reason.


Mobile Minutes: Beer Between Men

Last week myself, Darco, MC, and Jim took a family vacation. We wound up at Montauk State Park; a state park that I had grown up going to. It’s where I learned to put a hook on my line, catch fish, string them, and survive sleeping outside in 90℉+ heat.

While we were unpacking last Sunday, Jim made note that coworker told him that he needs to lighten up, relax, and have a beer when out camping. Jim made the following statement:

My step-son enjoys beer. Maybe we’ll have a beer down there.

It dawned on me that through all the cheesy accomplishments of being a family, Jim and I had never had a beer together. We lived in a household where beer was never allowed. It wasn’t something that we talked about until I was 26*. Father/son beer is the American thing to do, right? That’s like working on a car together, putting up a tent, or attending a sports event. You just do those kind of things together.


Jim in the river fishing with a hat that had an American flag on it, surrounded by flags on flag day. I'm rather certain George Washington flew over on an eagle.

Wednesday night, the evening before we went back home, Jim and I each enjoyed a pint of ‘Crankbait Cream Ale’ from Piney River Brewery.

Nothing special at the moment as we enjoyed trout, watermelon, and other goods at the table. It wasn’t until after coming home that I truly enjoyed reflecting on that one moment.


It was cliche, but also iconic. I’ve known Jim for 24 years, and I’ve gone from being absolutely terrified of him to enjoying a classic American pass time with him.

Thanks Piney River Brewing for coming in the clutch on a random vacation for a pretty cool father/son moment. I know internally it’ll be something I forever cherish.


*Southern Baptist Doctrine Logic: Beer=Sex=Dancing


I’m “adulting”…

Last weekend, between sighting in rifles for deer season, Darco, MC, Jim, and myself started to embark on an adventure I never thought would happen.

We began the moving process.


It’s gorgeous. The basement has the drywall completed, along with the painting. Tiling is being installed right now.

Stepping outside with MC, I noticed a noise I never imagined hearing in isolation again…

As it turns out, after final calculations, there are a grand total of 62 miles…62…miles…of running trails around the lake that our house sits on.

Our. House.


I don’t know if Darco has had this sensation, but each time I’m at the house I have to remind myself that I’m not visiting. This isn’t a friends house. It’s a strange, almost sobering, sensation of accepting this gift. Believe me, any reader here knows this, this is a gift.

We’ll be completely moved in over the weekend.

God is good. In ways I’ll never understand, but each day I lock the front door, it’ll be s gentle reminder of what God does.


Mobile Minutes: Blurs

Awesome road trip.
Crazy two day teaching workshop.
Seasonal cold.

My week summed up so far. It’s been exhausting, exhilarating, and energetic.

In the midst of all of that, I lost my car keys this morning, resulting in Jim lending me a car to work and back. Also, our apartment complex has decided to do random “yearly inspections” this week.

There’s more NyQuil and coffee in my veins than there is blood…

And I’m loving it all.
Loving this life.


XXXI: Man’s Man

A few days ago I took a class that spoke about schools failing boys in education. I thought on this concept throughout the day and into the rest of the week. I started to ponder the question of whether it’s necessarily schools that are failing boys, or if it’s men who are failing boys because they refuse to stop being boys.


Mobile Minutes: Cleanliness Next To…

Dishes washed.
Clothes put away.
Closet cleaned.
Both electrical lighting issues resolved compliments of Jim saving me this morning (rewarded with donuts).
Place vacuumed.

See? This is the beauty of knowing that your parents are coming over to your place; it forces you to get up and get cleaning.

Next? Dying the hair blue.



I was sitting in the classroom. It had wooden floors, shotty desks, and several old text books. it was my ‘planning period’, which as a substitute meant that I would have a period in which i did…nothing. Halfway through my time of peace, on a calm, sunny day the phone inside the classroom rang. I answered it to find the principal on the other end…”This is your planning period, right? Would you be interested in coming into my office for a brief interview for a teaching position next year?”

That was four years ago… Continue reading