‘love letters’: Confession

Someday’s I feel like I’ve just stepped back into those awkward teenage years, just without the bad acne and voice skipping.

Confession: For the past two weeks I’ve had one single, specific thought process that has had me aching and reeling with thoughts of distress, mistrust, and poor guidance.

My night have been horrifically treated with lack of sleep and endless nightmares.

My days blur together like a numbing transit of time and space with no actually intellectual position on life.

I pour my time into soccer, work, and attempting acts of sleeping and running. It’s just not triggering the ideology of content, peace, or goodwill. I’ve found my temper to be short, my words to be harsh, and overall I haven’t been the most pleasant person to be around; at all. For those who have found themselves uncomfortably around me, I apologize for the past and perhaps in advance as I continue to try to understand my own mind, heart, and soul.

I could have made this post ‘X’ or ‘Mobile Minutes’ or whatever I would have chosen.

However, I decided out of spite and simple intelligence that ‘love letters’ may be best suited when discussing the hot topic that I consistently flee away from.

Honestly, if I’m being truthful with my thoughts; I can’t even express to you the absolutely terrifying idea of dating, relationships, anything along the lines. Even from a friend, a simple, “Are you OK? You’re quiet.” just instantly brings me back to the text over my phone, the phone calls late at night, every single moment in my past relationship where I made mistakes. I made the wrong move, and I further damaged myself and inflicted further turbulence to a already disruptive relationship and marriage.

I think back to where Jesus talks about the plague of the divorce is that once it is done, it’s going to be with you for the rest of your life. In many ways, it can become your label.

Why do you think that I love wrapping myself up in business? Work? Soccer? Traveling? Anything that can keep me moving? Simply put: to escape. Someday’s I think that there is no reason that anyone would even want to be with me, period. It’s a self-esteem and faith-lacking issue. Other day’s, when I humor the idea of growing old, having a family, even just a house as newly weds, or the first date…anything of those sense; I paralyze myself with fear and acknowledgement of this thought:

I’ll never be ready. I’ll never go back.

For as much apologizing as I’ve done over the past 11 1/2 months I stubbornly, regrettably, and sinfully refuse to forgive myself. I just will not do it. I cannot look in the mirror and convince myself that now, tomorrow, or ever that I would be a good husband. I’m self-centered, egotistical, profit driven; everything wrong with so many men in today’s world; I’m no different.

I see these Godly men around me, the ones with families, newly weds, or committed faithfully to their significant one, but not nearly as dedicated to their God and sorrowfully I cringe to idea that I’d do anything to be in that position; not just in the idea of a loving spouse, but just as a Godly man.

I believe we could chalk this up as a mere pity-party of the sorts, and I’d probably agree and refuse the opportunity to debate. Mark it up as a loss I suppose.

What’s even more unfortunate about this ever deluding thought process is the damage that is brings to a kingdom that I try to promote, to brag on, to demonstrate its love. I mean, tell me, what is God thinking while watching me type these thoughts. I brag so much on faith and what amazing things He has done, but I’m basically telling me, “No, not even You can make someone, anyone, that would be willing to deal with this. Even if you did, I would never commit, because in the end. They’d just leave. They always do.”

I try very hard not to ever get rooted into a niche, or micro-culture of any specific area because of the realization that nothing stays the same forever. For as much as I enjoy my cat that I’ve had for nearly two decades, I’ve fought to never become attached to her. Why? Because she will die. She will disappear. She is just a cat. While I’d hate to compare people to cats and other items in which we grow attached to, the fact is that everyone comes and goes, and I fear that there’s no one that would be willing to stay, or attempt to stay up with myself.

Late at night, when I’m exhausted and for one moment I allow the world to collapse onto me, I spent a split second thinking of what it is life. Trying to envision the joy that so many around me have encountered through their marriages, relationships, and everything in between. Naturally, I’d like my own story. However, as I quietly drift to sleep I tend to think that those chapters will strictly remain dreams.



‘love letters’: Morning

It’s these moments at 5:00 AM, when the world is resting, and its my mind is still half asleep.
I wake up, curious if you exist.
With an exciting life, and never a dull day, I contemplate on whether or not it is fair to ask God who you may be.
Why be so impatient in one area of life?
Has He not given me a job, a company, a new life?
Has He not restarted my soul, my heart, my existence in an attempt to further glorify Him?
Why must I tremble these early mornings, curious if your heart is beating, your eyes still at rest?
How can something so small in such a large perspective of life cause such curious questions when my eyes awaken this early morning?

‘love letters’: Never Forgotten


These past weeks and months have been nothing short of a miracle. God has done great things in my life, and continues to do so; when I’m willing to submit and listen. I’ve learned so much about Him, myself, and about you. I can’t wait to meet you, even know there is a large space between the last letter; know that you’re never forgotten and that you stream through my head daily. Not a day goes by without me asking God, usually in a child like manner, to guide me to your heart. I can’t wait t feel my heart pound out of my chest, just because for a split second I may have caught a glimpse of you, for a split second I witnessed God’s mighty power, for that split second my soul rests and I know that I’ve stumbled into unconditional love.

Praying for you, trying to wait patiently.


‘love letters’: Flight

Thousands of feet off the earth,
This starry, peaceful night.
Wind at our back, love ahead,
This peaceful flight.
Passing golden roads, crystal seas
Moving in unison
Beneath our very feet.
Straddled in the air,
Dangling from an invisible string.
You’re rested against my shoulder,
Both of us partaking in this atmospheric dream.

‘love letters’: Never Left

Hello love

Last night I dreamed about you. Not really what my mind was set to, but a moment of peace I’ll gladly take. Whoever you are, whoever God is currently preparing, I dreamed about the moments right after our wedding. Getting ready to head out of the area, just you and myself, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. I even slipped and said out-loud, “This can’t be real. This cannot be happening.” To which you quickly walked over, in your beautiful gown, and placed your hand on the side of my face and just said, “You’re safe. We’re together.” You never left my side. You took that oath and treasured it in your heart for eternity.

How I can’t wait to see you.


‘love letters’: First


With embarassing bliss,
I wish to remind you of a dream.
Where I fell in love with you,
With just a gentle kiss.

Staring off into eternity,
Listening strictly to the blood pumping through my heart.
How fate was so foolish to us,
Attempting to keep us apart.

Polarized through cultures transparencies,
Gravity was no match for these set souls.
Ripped through time’s expectations,
Never giving up, never resting.

It was in that small, bright room,
Sun glowing along this beautiful frame.
The final piece was moved,
Our hearts won; checkmate.