Mobile Minutes: Pi Day

Because there’s no way that life should just be boring and routine, right?

While sitting in a meeting with other instructors this morning, the day of March 14, 2016 began to populate in our discussions. For the non-math individuals out there (including myself), this day is known by many as “Pi Day”.

March 14=03/14=3.14.

Make sense?


Actually, it’s a really cool deal that math teachers make of Pi Day with their students. So much so that with our school of awesome teachers, I was informed that this year there would be a race involved also.

March 14=03/14=3.14=3.1=5K.

As part of the celebration of Pi Day, our 7th grade students will be running with a few teachers in a 5K race for the ages. Personally, I think this is something completely awesome. So, next month I’ll be lacing up and instead of entering the classroom, I’ll be stepping onto the course with coworkers and students alike.

That’s pretty cool in my book.



Mobile Minutes: Math

Mathematically has always equalled one thing in my life:

A long, drawn out painful death.

It just isn’t my thing, and it never has been. I like to argue, you can argue with the quadratic formula.

I just received a phone call from my supervisor. I’m heading down south for a few days this week, and then I’ll be back in KC for a few days.


Management training.

Subway is currently rolling out the process of introducing a management training program for store managers. Guess who gets to go through it first?

Yep. Exactly.

So I’ll be in meetings with highlighters, sticky notes, and homework Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. It’s great to have this experience under my belt, but the math worries me.

…however a little extra cash before Boston can’t hurt…