Mobile Minutes: Spinning

In case you’re interested in the week of a teacher…

This Week:

  1. Teaching


  1. Administration Observation
  2. Host Cohort Meeting
  3. Grade Level Meeting
  4. New Teacher Cohort Meeting
  5. Internal Host Observation
  6. Athletics Interview
  7. Unannounced Administration Observation

All sorts of weird stuff, but all of this activity makes me grateful to be busy in a blossoming school.


Mobile Minutes: Monday Meetings

Darco is already off to her promotional meeting with Starbucks; I won’t see her until at least 6:00 PM CST tonight. On the flip side, I’m dressed and pressed and heading downtown for my first meeting with an actual government office for #TakeTheCity. What comes of this?

Heaven only knows…



It’s 2:47…AM

I’ve just experienced my first ‘work day’ of the summer.

Woke up.
Found out Jim’s factory is closing for good on June 7th. 40+ years of work gone.
Went back to sleep.
Woke up.
Went to gym.
Received email…redirected my entire day.
Received phone call. Meeting tonight at 8:00 PM.
Met with my girlfriend at her work.
Got coffee.
Met with MC at her work.
Went to work.
Left work.
Picked up Darco for team meeting at 6:00 PM.
Met the Kansas City Shock.
Answered questions.
Watched the first official practice get started.
Received text.
Prayer answered?
Left practice.
Went to meeting.
Massive meeting.
Left meeting.
Ate greasy burger.
Had meeting via Google+ around midnight.
Got home.
In bed.

Needless to say; I’m wiped. However, I want to show you a photo:

ZSport Meeting

…shock the world…

This will be a photo I will treasure for the rest of my life. The ladies you see here are the Kansas City Shock. The prayers, the requests, the long nights and crazy days…it was for this. Sure, it isn’t perfect yet, but man it is getting there. I just can’t believe I saw these players tonight, and was just in awe at what He has done.

Let’s get our praise on. He’s so, so good to us.




Topsy-turny day…

Meetings, after meeting, after meeting, after long drive…that sums up the day. Truthfully, after being sick for so long, it was refreshing to being back to the grind and run of the daily hustle.

At the same time; I had three different companies that we’d been speaking to about the Kansas City Shock turn us down; in less then an hour period.

Now, it is easy to look at that problem with a frown, kick the dust and just be ticked. However, these are the moments that I’m most grateful for the path of my life.

96 applications. That’s the number that’ll echo in my head for the rest of my life. That was 96 school districts that told me I wasn’t going to be the proper teaching material because I was too young, lacked experience, or worse…didn’t coach football. Three interviews; all of them failed miserably [one of which I learned that if I would have taken that job would have risked my life literally with that position…it was at Joplin High School].

It was the small town of 215, with a senior class of 14 that came up and asked for my signature. Out of all those papers, it took that to set me down the path to teach [which ironically never happened anyways].

So, I’m going to give some thanks tonight. As hard as it is; three rejections? Been there. Done that. Guess what?

God is still good.