Mobile Minutes: Burning Sensation

My morning…
To clarify: I went from 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM non-stop yesterday.
My morning…
I’m standing in the hallway at school. Watching the halls and chatting with the kids. Suddenly my left foot started to experience a strange burning sensation. Finally I stopped what I was doing and looked down at my foot.

…I had left the lid open on my coffee cup, and because of the angle I was holding it, I was pouring the hot contents all over my left shoe. Soaking my shoe and and my sock.

This was my morning…


Mobile Minutes: Passing By

There’s a couch in the front of the church that Darco and I attend. It’s grey, themed with the carpet and accented by the red chairs.

Darco is teaching Sunday School, 5 year olds to be precise, the atrium is filled with football scores and school scandals…some things just can’t be ignored.

I am an alien, a foreigner to this place. I do not exist in this realm, spinning webs of a world that I do not partake in. It’s about contests and competitions, winning, losing, and finding truth between the lies. As the sojourner I merely observe, finding struggles of integration. Perhaps I’m in need of rehabilitation, finding ways to operate within this space.

Instead, it only takes one, two individuals to speak with a forced sense of communication for me to relocate back to reality. Listening to their fears, concerns, and their heart reminds me that I’m human after all.

These are my Sunday mornings.


Mobile Minutes: The Curse

You know how it is, your body goes through a repeating task enough times to adapts to the unique environment it’s in.

For Example: Let’s say I get up for work at 5:30 AM, Monday through Friday and 4:00 AM on Saturday. What time does my body ‘wake up’ on Sunday?

Right around 5:00 AM.

Hence me typing this out…


Mobile Minutes: Day of Black Sun Pt. II

It’s 3:54 AM…

I’m back in bed. Considering the idea of shopping at this time in the morning…absolutely stupid.

With that said, an email I received said that several books on Google Play were up for 75% off.

Who just bought “Allegiant” by Veronica Roth for $3.99?

This guy.

Early morning shopping is hard stuff…


Mobile Minutes: Morning Reminders

After my pathetic attempt at ranting last night, per as most cases, after getting down there were little things to remind me why I’m supposed to keep going.

First came from the president of a youth recreational soccer program. It was intertwined with message they sent me about an upcoming winter session:

I just wanted to let you know what you said to my daughter about how to reach her goal of staying active has had a lot of impact on her.

Second came from one of my beloved friends out in Sparks, Nevada:

All progress occurs because people dare to be different.
-Harry Millner-

Recall that the Kansas City Shock’s motto is, “Dare to be different. Shock the world.”

I’ll die a crazy man, but at least I know I was on the right path.