XO: “THAT” Christmas Letter

…I am officially becoming an adult with responsibilities…

Please take a moment to sigh with me.

*Le sigh…*

I suppose as it is proper to keep with the tradition, yet incorporate the new styles of life [technology], and being the ‘writer’ of the family, it’s been shown, my destiny, of writing the family Christmas letter.


Hello Family & Friends,

Hanging out; we’re best friends.

Currently, while writing this I find myself in a strange, foreign world. Darco is sitting on a couch working on some accounting work, and Ollie, our cat, is roaming around the living room. Aiming to get in trouble I’m sure.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year for the Daugherty name. In the beginning of 2013 I, D, found myself in a relationship with a wonderful barista from Starbucks. I’d spoken of her before, but few of my family and friends had ever met her. We were attending a wonderful, small church in the middle of a cornfield, and we were preparing for the beginning of the Kansas City Shock. I was working at Subway, and for the past several months had been living in an apartment in St. Joseph. Darco was living with her mother in St. Joseph, and due to her health, we had already experienced some family frustrations in February with her winding up in the hospital. Darco’s mom was having problems exhaling the CO2 from her body, not good on the human condition it turns out.

Party out in the desert of Nevada!

February led to the first big adventure of Darco and myself. We boarded a flight, and went to Las Vegas, Nevada for a soccer meeting. This also resulted in a 8 hour [one way] trip to Reno, Nevada…and back, in a 24 hour time period. Somethings we learn the hard way, and making stupid trip like that would be one of those mistakes. March was the second round of tryouts for the Kansas City Shock, an incredible experience watching the future team come together through the tryout process [especially when you know nothing about soccer].

It’s incredible how fast things can change, and how dramatic they can be. In May our head coach for the Kansas City Shock stepped down, a week before practice was to begin. Quite the shocker, and praise be to God, we were able to find a coach the night that the former left. Life was a little stressful in May. Darco was working at Starbucks, and was also attending the University of Phoenix. I was working with Subway, and I had just completed a new experimental course through Subway showing that I mastered the understanding of management systems within the Subway corporation for franchises.

So…this happened!

On June 1, life started to become a bit more fascinating. I was asked to resign my position with Subway, ending a ten year commitment to ‘eating fresh’. While most people I do not miss from that job [honestly], I still am forever indebted to my mentor, Ro, for everything she did for me over the ten year time span. I think she’s retiring next year, and she was an incredible blessing while I tried to understand the corporate world.  It was quite the eye opener of figuring out what I should do next in life. The next day, while eating pancakes at the apartment, Darco and I decided that we would go get engaged. So, by the end of the week I had lost my job, lost my car, and became engaged to a beautiful woman. Life is strange like that. We had a short engagement, resulting in our marriage on August 2, 2013 at Missouri Valley Baptist Church.

Now, the first week of marriage was not easy. We were very tight on cash, and we had also learned that Darco’s mother was going to be evicted from her home. Not an easy task to figure out. MC and Jim pitched in, we cleaned up the house, and assisted in moving Darco’s mom to a new location in northern Missouri. During this process Darco noted that her cat, of who she loved dearly, was missing from the house [it was an indoor cat]. Of course, while cleaning the house I was speaking to MC about what we were going to do about the cat if it returned [hoping my mother would take the bait and adopt the cat]. It was at that point I heard this yell of joy from the back of the house, “OLLIE! YOU CAME HOME!”

We were going to adopt a cat.

So, now we have a three year old cat in our apartment with us. Most times he’s tolerable, and only between 8:00 PM and midnight is he a pill [he tries hopping on our flat screen TV…for fun].

Between leaving Subway and getting married, Darco and I watched the Kansas City Shock grow into its first season in the Women’s Premier Soccer League. We added a minority owner, Steve, and also added 101 acres of land to our portfolio. The goal is to develop this acreage into a soccer complex in the northern tier of the Kansas City region. Needless to say, this is quite the challenge. The team did well, we finished the season with a record of six wins and three losses within league play. We were the only new team to qualify for the playoffs, and halfway through July I found myself driving a passenger van into Ohio with a bunch of soccer players. Talk about a dream come true.

Why wouldn’t Starbucks be involved with wedding photos?

She always pulls the perfect shots.

Upon August, Darco and I had been praying for the direction I was to take my employment. At the same time, Jim had watched his plant shut down in St. Joseph and was in a similar situation. Thankfully, between Darco, myself, MC, and Jim we learned and saw how powerful and uplifting family can be. I went back into the classroom as a substitute teacher within the North Kansas City School District. Darco, on the other hand, continued her job at Starbucks, and was notified that it is time for her to move up within the company. Through several meetings, discussions, and surveys she’s quickly moving rank to become an assistant store manager in the company. The likelihood is that she has the opportunity to become an “ASM” before she’s even of age to consume alcohol. She continues to amaze me.

I started back into the classroom on the first day of school at Staley High School. Overall, in August, September, and October there were only two days each month that I wasn’t in the classroom teaching. The strain was obviously the gas mileage traveling every, single day. Darco and I started to discuss the potential ideas of moving to Kansas City. She would eventually relocate to a Starbucks in Kansas City, the substitute teaching was in Kansas City, and our soccer team is in Kansas City. To added coals to that fire it became known that a teaching position, full time, was about to open up at a school that I spent the majority of the time in. It, in many ways, was a dream job for me, and Darco was ecstatic also. Life was calming down, doors were opening, and everything made sense. One way or another, I would finally wind up in a classroom.

True Story: This electric sign was attached to a shirt that acted as a synthesizer to noise. It was epic.

I don’t think God wanted that door to open up too wide because He shut it rather quickly. A day before I met with the principal in that school to discuss this opening I met with a parent of one of my players. He wanted me to work with him on a project for a man named Mr. Kinney. Naturally, not to be selfish, I wanted to know what kind of pay I should expect…

This was a life changing opportunity.

Instead of teaching I wound up in a job maintaining the social media accounts of two Mazda dealerships, a engineering education firm, an office complex, and a real estate residential development. Jokingly, I get paid to operate Facebook accounts. Realistically, the portfolio I created with the Kansas City Shock paid off incredibly big. I have three offices that I float between in Lee’s Summit, Overland Park, and South Kansas City. This all took place during Thanksgiving.

Upon receiving my first paycheck I mistakenly took Darco to one of the dealerships with me, I had to correct a few photos, and then we’d go out on a date. While working on a photo my wife came to me and said, “What’s your social security number?” In a car dealership that can only mean one thing: financing.


Incredibly, my wife went out and found out that we qualified for a wonderfully good deal from Mazda on a new car. So, two days later we drove off the lot in a bright red, 2013 Mazda3. If nothing else, the 41 miles per gallon impress me, but the car is wonderful. This adventure has led to new concepts, ideas, and plans with the Kansas City Shock that I can’t share…yet.

With so many things changing, so quickly we started making some internal choices as a family [Darco and myself]. We moved church bodies, which was very, very hard on both of us. We’re now attending a wonderful church in Smithville, Missouri with my parents. It was opened up more time with the family overall, something that was greatly missed. We also made an announcement to friends and family that we will, 100% certain, be moving to Kansas City in 2014. While St. Joseph has done so much for both of us, especially with Darco growing up here, it is time for us to move on.

As a brief recap: Darco’s up for promotion with Starbucks, I left Subway after ten years, started teaching, left teaching, is now paid to operate social media feeds, the Kansas City Shock actually started a real season, we adopted a cat, and wound up with a new car.

She’s pretty.

If this was 2013, I can only chuckle at what is to come in 2014 for “Club Daugherty”. As a reminder, we’re located online. You can keep up with our family adventures throughout the year at our Google+ page.

My His Grace Always Be Enough,
-The Daugherty’s-

…that wasn’t soooooo bad…

XO: Seasonal Paths

It’s officially cold tonight; much similar to what we awoke to this morning. Sadly, the summer has passed us for this year and the new season of autumn is in full swing.

I almost find it ironic to see the trends of seasonal changes within the physical world in comparison to my own meandering thoughts. Much like the leaves that fall and the wind that blows; change is inevitable and currently Darco and I find ourselves in a transition that we’re not overly prepared for, and we’re not sure the direction of where to go. Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: List Time!

1. Brake line broke on my truck
2. Battery died in my truck
3. Brakes and rotors were ruined in Darco’s car
4. Darco hasn’t been promoted (yet)
5. The pastor resigned
6. The cat woke me up at 1:30 AM puking and attempting to use the restroom…outside his litter box (he’s sick)
7. I’ve been stranded outside for three hours now in Kansas City because the starter went out in the car. Getting it towed.
8. Darco was injured at work a few weeks ago. Now proceeding workmens comp.
9. Kansas City Shock
10. Broke the pizza stone
11. Killed the blender
12. Arguing…

There’s no “God won’t give you so much that you can’t handle.” That’s referred to as “theological crap”.

There’s no clean way to spin it. Darco and I have been taking an incredible beating as of late…

…we’re tired…


Mobile Minutes: Never Ending

Darco and I finally got an amazing nights rest last night, after a wonderful date night.

We took Saturday night off from the world and checked out our friends brewery being built in Kansas City, enjoyed some incredible pizza at Leo’s, and enjoyed Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2. It was a great evening.




This morning started all over. We got our free coffee at Dunkin Donuts for National Coffee Day and headed to MoVal.


MoVal was my sanctuary since I’ve returned to this area a few years ago. I wasn’t welcomed at my home church and moved on. At MoVal I witnessed Darco get baptized, many, many good meals, became a member of the church, and was recently married in this tiny little building.

MoVal is no longer safe.

There has been sickness, injury, death, sorrow, grief, sadness, and more just in the past two weeks. Unfortunately it involves very delicate topics. It’s put me in an unfamiliar position. My priority is God first, family second. I have to protect my wife, and see what God wants for us. Currently, I’m just not sure what to do.

It makes me angry, in a humbling way, that there really is no safe zone in this world. Spiritually, our sanctuary isn’t in a physical form, but it’s still rough knowing that in the world we’re always on the run.


Mobile Minutes: Shipwrecked

It has been a week from help.

Quite literally.

There has been death, fighting, sorrow, grief, stress, frustration, and questioning…

That was covered by Tuesday.

In all reality I think back to a recent creation I found along the interstate. Someone has taken construction dirt, formed a hill, and dropped a wooden boat on it. In the middle of the prairie. Very humorous, and also describing personally.


The devil has been putting in overtime. There are serious events taking place at MoVal, things I haven’t witnessed since I was a freshman in high school. The founder of a ministry organization in the area of MoVal died today. Darco and I are maxed out of stress, and have been working tirelessly to not argue with each other. We’ve broken glasses and dishes by accident, killed the blender (again), and ruined a few meals. She’s injured from last Saturday’s fall and is heading to the orthopedic doctor on Monday.

The two of us are shipwrecked.

I’m blessed to have her next to me. You really can’t grasp the magnitude of this past week. Currently we’ve averaged five hours of sleep this week, not good for either one of us.

Thankfully, God is good. I’m exhausted because I’ve been working. I now have two schools that request me immediately, including five different teachers. In the month of September there were three days this month I wasn’t in school. These were due to Kansas City Shock work days. Talk about God providing. We have a fridge full of food, a great problem to have, and we are eating healthy and well.

It’s been several years since I’ve witnessed so many Christians attacked in such a short period of time. Darco is struggling at work due to the ongoing promotion attempts, while also attempting to grasp what is taking place within our church body. It’s the first time since she’s become a Christian that she’s witnessed the devastating torment of the devil.

Thank goodness God has already taken care of tomorrow. Tonight, we rest peacefully. We’re both getting a good nights rest and we have a date tomorrow night.

This is where life is hard. Dealing with stupid world driven issues is one thing, but when spiritual attacks take place you can’t protect anyone, you have to rely on God to protect you.

And stand firm in believing you’re not stranded alone on an island.



XO: Filing [Part I]

I’m up past my bedtime, and I will regret it at around 10:00 AM CST tomorrow morning. This’ll take place right about the time I step into a classroom full of junior high students anxious to learn math…that’s probably a slight fib.

Realistically, I haven’t been sleeping well. Several nightmares, waking up jerking, scaring the cat, and being elbowed in the face by Darco. Last night I was to the point of earplugs while I was sleeping because of all the noise. When I say that I’m a light sleeper; that is probably the most modest way of determining my rest cycles.

With that random rant of rest aside, it doesn’t answer the question of why this is even being written.

I need to get lost in my words for the night. Darco knows that I’m up and chilling in the office while she sleeps. Tomorrow will be a bit rough, but currently I really just need to be able to type. Life is so big at the moment, that I’ve aged a few years since starting this site and realistically I’ve missed it.

I’m married, I’m back in the classroom, I own a soccer team. What? Tonight is one of those nights that it’s more of a starstruck realization of pondering how these turn of events even take place for the lowly sandwich artist of the past.

I was meeting with an engineering and architect firm about the property development for the Kansas City Shock a few weeks ago. One of the points that made was that I needed to be able to share a story. In this case, “What is the story of the Kansas City Shock?” As all of us know now, that’s a story full of entertainment in itself.

While I hold onto the belief that, that program is destined to become something greater then what I’ll even be able to comprehend; ideally I’d like to spend this piece revolving more on the overall aspect of this life, this love, and a deeper understanding of this existence.

In other words: this could be rather long, and a bit of recap for the past reader. I’m going to break this section into multiple parts; primarily for the sheer volume of words [I feel bad for you].

Let us begin… Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: Bragging Rights

This is one of those moments when the child gets to brag about the parents.

Darco and I had a wonderful wedding celebration party last night at MoVal. A blend of amazing punch [I have a strong hatred of traditional wedding punch] and a beautiful cake topped the night. All by way of MC and Jim.

So, first my parents are amazing individuals that never cease to amaze me.

Secondly; check out this bad boy of a cake!

Once upon a time my least favorite color was green...

Once upon a time my least favorite color was green…


XO: Grace

I’m sick; it’s a sick day…and I blame high school students for all of it.

In all seriousness I’m afraid I had to take a day in bed due to a nasty ‘cold-like’ influence within my body. Realistically it’s a lot of liquids, Ny-Quil, Day-Quil, and surprisingly hot, black coffee helps significantly. E-mails have gone overlooked, and thankfully there were no meetings scheduled for today. I’m dizzy when I stand up, and start sweating after a few steps.

Point being I’m a complete mess, and this family is blessed. Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: Alabaster Box

Call it a just a fun day, or call it a great church service. Call it a mix of both with a funnel cake, craft beer, and a crazy healthy lunch.

I’m optimistic heading into this week.

Last week was awful, but it is now behind us; completely.

Realistically I’m going to go the route of MoVal really for the inspiration of tomorrow and this week ahead. Jared hit on Matthew 26 today; speaking about Mary using up this extremely expensive perfume on Jesus. I mean, we’re talking imagine using a $36,000 bottle of perfume on one person.

Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: Refining

Listening at MoVal this morning and through the sermon comes this:

Going through something difficult? That’s God refining you, and that’s…awesome.

Truthfully, exactly what I needed to hear. It’s just the fuel to be a reminder to just keep going, God has a plan and He’s refining us.