X: Maryland

The whole enchilada right here:

Over 2000 miles, three international airports, two strange interstates, one massive metro area, the national capital, and a dead sprint to a final gate…and it was so worth it.

Here is a breakdown of my adventures for the past few days:

Now, some of you [that’s a lie] are curious about why I was in such a rush to make it home last night. Well, past the Camero, 1st Class, and the cake…there is even a better story in the making.

The lovely barista that tends to make my drinks are Starbucks has spoken many times of faith and God, but hasn’t been to church since she was around the age of 7. Well, because of my curious nature [and inability to stay quiet], I spilled the beans on myself and my life [no coffee pun intended], and invited her to church at MoVal. Over the past few weeks she has been unavailable for this adventure, and finally she made the comment that she’d be free to go…today. Meaning, that I was going to have to book it back to the area from the wedding in order to make it work. Then the delay hit Baltimore, then the delay hit Chicago, then I was told I’d have to sprint to my gate. Talk about the dark one trying to throw some snares in your way.

However, His light shines today. I picked her up and headed to church, while in service she leaned over and whispered:

It feels like he’s talking directly to me.

There is no upgrade in life that can surpass the joy I felt in that one moment.

2000 miles later, and still the biggest smile on my face is placed by Him right in my own backyard.



Mobile Minutes: Delay!


The lovely folks at the American Eagle desk called me up (after butchering my name), and informed me that due to delays I’m going to have a 15 minute window to get off my flight, and get onto the next in Chicago.
The first lady: You won’t make it
The first guy: You better run
Myself: I brought my running shoes…


Dear Chicago: Bring. It.