XXXI: Hang Up & Talk

Growing up in a digital age, I can’t believe that even I’m to the point of disconnecting from our own, manmade cyber world.

Perhaps I’m the youngest one in this age,
The idea of hanging up, putting away the prepay
Unwinding fingertips crippled by chronic keyboards,
Typing away each final breath.

Maybe I’m alone,
This new advocacy for self-help in a digital plain,
Deleted, rewriting, and disconnecting ones image,
Easing away the physical pain

I ponder the amount of dates gone by,
Talking to him across tabletops,
Screens rolling past his vacant eyes,

How many times has he whispered to her,
In the midnights twilight,
Understanding she heard nothing,
Except the comedy routine from YouTube’s limelight

Twisted, dark deceptive life
Full of zeros and ones,
A binary cry,
Calculated cost of communication cut short,
We cut the cord,
But we never hung up

Curious cursors cruise across screens,
Imaging imaginary ideas,
Reality no longer desirable,
Photoshop, ragtag pieces of former cut, cropped, cropped tops,
Litter to the mind

Days erased and night now rotten,
Glassy eyed empty souls,
Twisted membranes of cellular display,
Underline the world lost,
The love forgotten.

Unplug the warped reality,
A cyber crime unwinding in the minds eye,
Take up a natural life,
Block out the screen,
Turn off the lie.


Mobile Minutes: Poetic Confessions

Poetic confessions,
Screaming from the resonating chambers of my heart.
Medicated soul strings,
Covering hopeless, lifeless eyes.

Calling for a savior,
Reaching for reality’s escape.
Falling into eternity,
Losing a grasp in humanity’s case.

Hear Your child,
God of Adam.
Hold his bleeding life,
Save him from his sinful lies.

Reject my desires,
Hold fast to Your plan.
Break me, glorious Spirit,
Deny the ability of pouring eyes.

Shake away the tears of temptation,
Shatter my sense of loss.
Refuse the inplicable hope of death,
Restore my weary faith.

Please Father,
Reach me in these trialing times!
Cling to my tattered body,
Cleanse my damaged, distorted life.

Mobile Minutes: Imaginative Cities

I’m having a dreaming problem. I’m dreaming too much, I’m having dreams while dreaming over cities that I’ve never seen.

Does that make sense?

Doesn’t to me either.

For several months the city I’ve been dreaming of is one that isn’t real. It’s along a river side, but the structures of concrete and steel. A image of power and security beckons with the hourly bell. I walk along the streets at day, studying the roads of this holistic shell. I never see the people; suits, ties, or jeans. I just spend hours, eternity, in the city of my dreams. Along a single road, paired into two even lanes, I find myself on the edge of the community, on the edge of the plains. On one side stands the structures, glass, crystal, and light. On the other lies the prairie winds; blowing through day and night. The world is split evenly between the two paths, one of concrete paradise, one covered in lush grass.

That city stood in my sleep, for hours, days, and weeks. However, while resting last night, I found a new city of technology, future, and light. Along this red canyon, sandstone speaking of its age. I stumbled into this growing area, surrounded by red dirt and sage. At first you have to travel down the canyon, a freeway to the west. Afterwards through quick decent, you’ve arrived with the rest. On each side towers these red layers of rock, each telling a story of their life within the clock. However, through the walls, and down the road the new concrete earth rose. Lights, cars, and boutiques dotted freshly along the streets. Again no people visible, at least until you reached the mall. Outdoor, indoor, a mix of architecture and natures law. The people walked along this world, talking through each random hall. An overwhelming notion of life took over the sense of my mind, this new world was unspoken of, no one knew where it was located along the maps creases and lines. I never knew the road numbers, I can never get there on foot. When I finally awoke this morning I knew I had to get this into my book.

Worlds never seen, cities never heard, at night I walk along these places planted in my mind, my quiet, slumber sight. I’m not sure if I’ll ever see these places, what a site they must be. Until that moment comes though, I’ll just visit them in my sleep.

Mobile Minutes: Eye Candy

While parked at the house I had to jot down a few notes:

Lines of lyrics litter this page
Enter methodical melodies maintaining mainstream miracles and modernization
Electrified energy erode’s embraced arms as shivering slivers of silver dance across your eyes
Bouncing beats of beautiful ambiance announce audiences attention upon digitally defying, yet ever decadent dj’s scribbling, scratching serious signs of synthetic smiles.
Time is triumphant in twisting turn tables declaring decades of delicious, dizzying mouthful memories of mesmerized music echoing into the bleak blackness of space.
Hallucinations break through hallowed eyes to declare through definite, dynamic definition:
The night is still young.