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Three days into the recent battle with the common cold and I’m proud to say that I’ve come out on top. I’m actually impressed that the more time I spend inside the walls of education, the stronger my immune system becomes. Most certainly I’ve been able to combat this illness in record time compared to years past.

That’s practically my excuse for not typing in here as of late…

I caught myself daydreaming earlier today. Most of the time I try very hard to remain neutral on world and political issues. Even though it’s my ‘content of study’ with my degrees; it truly allowed me to escape the reality of what it really entails. However, for a few moments this morning, while the fog lifted and truth became clearer, I humored my own wonderings into the realm of reality that we call home. Continue reading


Mobile Minutes: 1st World Issues

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Through my Twitter every-so-often, I get to see the hashtag come through #firstworldproblems; obviously a slight jest towards countries that are indeed considered ‘first world’, and their severe issues of the life they live; in tongue-in-cheek fashion [shout out to the late Dr. Derryberry], I too have come across a 1st World Issue, and I’m currently taking steps to resolve this slowly, but surely forming crisis inside the city of St. Joseph, Missouri.

The following was written 11/05/2011 to

To Whom It May Concern:

Since the early 2000’s, the Starbucks location in St. Joseph, Missouri at The Belt and Faron has stood as a beaken of hope for those like myself, that enjoy the corporate blend. However, as of late, I’ve started to note that the location is beginning to be come a bit ‘cramped’. It is not the largest storefront I’ve seen, and for years it was enough to serve the masses. However, as time has progressed, the demographic shift of population in St. Joseph has begun to head east; starting along The Belt. Today I’m typing this from outside the store in the first weekend of November because there is no space within the store to sit down; literally.

Proposition: Current intel along the building areas of this small city indicate a potential, continual developmeng along South US 169 and Interstate 29. Currently a Sonic, Mr. Goodsense, Menards, Subway, McDonald’s, two truck stops, and one gas station occupy the area. Recent developments also place a future location of Wal-Mart along this section of land as well [moving the current South Belt location]. Because it is not right off I-29, it is believed and slightly assumed that some potential customers do not head ‘into town’ to this current location. A second, perhaps slightly larger, location at the junction noted above could tap into a unknown customer potential from travelers along the freeway, and also residing towns along the southeastern area of Buchanan County. Furthermore, the fear of business being lost at the current location would be void due to the recent development of East Hills Shopping Center, and several new eating establishments along this section of St. Joseph.

Conclusion: While the proposal above is a mere suggestion of location; we can still conclude that a second stand alone store could be beneficial for the community, and for the one who develops the property. I would ask that you consider looking into this idea for possible, future expansion.

Shawn M Daugherty

In the event that anyone questions ‘MyStarbucksIdea’; I am a witness to creating a concept of a Android Starbucks Application; yes, the same one on your HTC phone. Be sure to pop up back to the top of this post, click ‘View Post’, and vote for this issue. The more positive votes for this topic, the quicker it will be reviewed.


P.S. To my professors from college that painstakingly dealt with me: