Mobile Minutes: Shower Strength

I’ve come to love my Saturday’s.

Sleep in a few hours (when the sun is actually up). Take a long, hot shower without keeping time. Brew my coffee, enjoy a few spells.

Outline the day.


Carry on.



Mobile Minutes: Fan Boy

I want to make sports alliances very, very clear:

  1. My obvious #1 team loyalty is with the Kansas City Shock [I’d be a fool not to be, especially after this past week of events]
  2. Sporting Kansas City
  3. Boston Breakers

It’s very evident that I am a soccer fan. For several reasons; all of which I’m not explaining tonight. This week though, I’ve been able to be a ‘fan boy’ in several ways. Whether it be standing in the grass watching the Kansas City Shock start their season practices [it was chillingly cool], or what went on today; it was nice to step out of the suit, away from the sandwich, and just be a fan.

Today I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the coolest things I’ve seen come together to date. As all are aware just over a month ago I went to Boston, Massachusetts to watching the Boston Breakers of the National Women’s Soccer League, and their home opener. Quite the experience and came to know several amazing people in the process. Through this event, while talking to the staff of the Breakers, there came the potential idea of the Breakers training at a facility when they came into Kansas City to play. I left them my card, and went home. A few days later I received a call wondering if our home field would be available for training. “Ummm…a NWSL team training on our home field? E.P.I.C.” were my initial thoughts, verbally it was merely “Yes”. However, due to the unforeseen circumstances of the terrorist activities in Boston, that specific game was delayed and they didn’t come into Kansas City.

That brings us to last week. My phone rang again, and the process began anew. We kept it quiet, and just allowed itself to work out up to this afternoon. At 5:15 PM CST I watched a massive tour bus pull up into the lot at our home field. Out of it came 16 NWSL players of the Boston Breakers and the coaching staff. I tried to remain professional, but I make no promises. For the next ninety minutes I, along with some colleagues of our program, just watched this team loosen up, play some balls, and actually have some fun.

I. Was. Fascinated.

Even when I heard our Director of Media call out to Sydney Leroux, “Hey Sydney!” and pointed at her jacket that she nearly forgot, just to remind her to pick it up on her way out; I couldn’t get over the experience. After the week that this week has been, this ninety minute period was perfect. So, so perfect. I was a fan boy. I fit the description. I controlled myself, but inside I was just dying of being around all of these people…many in my world I consider famous.

Sitting back and thinking, it’s incredible to see a connection form between two programs, a group of people, and simple ideas over a set period of time. I love it! I love it because even while I was just amazed at the world around me, it felt so natural, so right. Though I know zero of soccer skills/coaching/statistics/etc…I was so comfortable. It’s similar to other projects that I’ve been involved in this week [and there are a lot of them]. Everything just clicked, everything made sense. I was comfortable and I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.

You honestly thought I wouldn't get a picture of the team?

You honestly thought I wouldn’t get a picture of the team?


P.S. As a brief statement. For any of them who may ever read this. I’ve met and been around several teams in my life, but never [aside from my biased own] have I met a team on multiple occasions that have been the class act that the entire Boston Breakers are. They could have ignored me, the psycho-child, from the very beginning. A major, major thanks to the organization for being a role model, and for the team for being so darn impressive in person. 

O: Boston

Clam chowda…

I can just hear it now.

Today, a Friday, was a grim reminder of what’s going on this weekend…

I’m getting out.

Thanks to some very, very kind people I’m heading out to Boston, Massachusetts tomorrow afternoon to take a look at a National Women’s Soccer League match between the Boston Breakers and the Washington Spirit.

We have been blessed to create some great friendships with the staff of the Boston Breakers; us at the Kansas City Shock. I’ll finally be able to put faces with names this weekend. It’s a great chance to see how a professional organization is ran, and through a program with some history. In women’s soccer terms Boston has been around for quite some time. I’m very much looking forward to this great opportunity in such a ‘foreign world’ for me in Boston, Massachusetts.

The reality is that this trip has quickly turned into a two-fold purpose. The first is to educate myself, to learn, and to repeat success with our own program in Kansas City. The second reason, as I explained to my girlfriend, is that I need away. I need to stretch my wings. While I’m still learning about this whole flying concept; I was born a traveler. Traveling is my escape; some people have smoking, some tanning [true story], and others have reading…for me it’s the open road/air, saltwater, mountain peaks, and random villages. It’s lobster and burgers, clams and steaks. When I’m able to interact with another culture; I feel right at home.

So, like all random trips; this’ll run through it’s different phases with pictures and all that other fun stuff. Plenty of soccer, new friends, great food, and coffee…lots of coffee. I look forward to a fresh breath of life, a moment to refocus, count my blessings, and enjoy the second.

I’m am very blessed.