Mobile Minutes: Debt Free

The title of this post should terrify you.

Darco and I were in the apartment this morning, plotting out our world domination [per usual], and we started speaking about her opportunity for promotion with Starbucks this month.

That’s when we took a break, and started crunching some ‘hypothetical’ numbers. We factored in my monthly pay, and her adjusted pay with her new pay salary when she promotes [trust me, she’s going to promote]. That’s when we sat in the bedroom, nearly startled at our discovery.


Darco gets promoted, and I maintain the position I currently have with the investment firm in Kansas City; we could actually be…in theory…

100% debt free by Christmas of 2015

Some of you know of my college debt, and there has been some theme of it throughout this site. Darco and I, myself nearly shaking, just kept going over the numbers and realizing. It’s possible. After a decade of personal debt, there is a potential light at the end of the tunnel. When you’ve dealt with such high debt for so long you tend to just acknowledge that it’s something you’re just going to ‘deal with’ for the rest of your life; like a house mortgage.

What if that wasn’t the case?

Sure, it does revolve around a giant if but…can you just wrap your head around that concept?


XO: Random @holidayinCCP Honeymoon

This was much needed…

It feels like these past few weeks have just been a spiraling, out of control, psycho-fest of drama, frustration, and pain.

However, God’s in control and He blessed Darco and I with a wonderful weekend. Entertainingly, a few weeks ago I saw a tweet that went something like “Retweet to enter for your chance to win…”, so since clicking a button is so easy; I retweeted it.

This is what happened following my post “Mobile Minutes: List Time!” Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: Hard Work

Darco just disappeared about twenty minutes ago. She’s on route to Kansas City for a go around for promotion at Starbucks.

This is easily one of the more frustrating things to witness. She buries herself in her work, owning me on several occasions, and has worked so hard for this opportunity.

I mean, good grief she’s currently in charge of her store for a week while her supervisor is on vacation.

I know I’m 100% biased, but this time around it’d be nice to see the good guy win.


Mobile Minutes: All Nighter

I wish I could just wrap my arms around Darco, and not let her go.

Last night she was working on her final for her college course, and she had a very important presentation today at Starbucks. It was her assessment for promotion. Something that she’s been working tirelessly on; seriously.

I went to bed at midnight and slept horribly, but she never came in to say goodbye. I thought she just didn’t want to disturb me. Well, as it turns out, she slept on the couch in the living room last night. Although it isn’t popular with many, we’ve chosen not to live together until we were married. Yes, it’s a Christian thing, just like the fact we haven’t had sex prior to saying “I do”. Most nights she heads home between midnight and 1:00 AM and is back the next morning. There’s nothing easy about this stance, but it’s Biblical and something we hold very dear to us [though some days we hate it]. Continue reading