XXXI: Welcome Home

I can see the stars!!!

Around 8:30 PM last night I wound up yelling this exclamation to Darco in the driveway.


Real. Driveway.

Over the three day weekend we’ve been doing nothing but moving our possessions from our apartment to our house. Praise God for friends and family. So many people have helped us with cleaning, moving, and even cooking for us. It’s truly a memorable experience that’ll forever last in my heart.

…but about those stars…

Like any other soul, I too have my silent prayers. One of them was to see the stars again. Growing up, the stars were in my backyard. Moving to college, then moving to the city, I lost the stars. City lights, parking lot nights, I lost track of my childhood home.

Our home is now in the rural escape around the city. The stars come out each night, shining past the occasional flight preparing for landing. My prayer is answered. I find myself clamoring to the sky, my wife lost as to why this was such a big deal. Answered personal prayers are a big deal.



I can see the stars.
Welcome home.



‘love letters’: Perfect Day


What would I do if I saw you on this day? What happens if we crossed paths and never knew it? My heart today runs rapidly with questions to you my angelic creature. I’m amazed that when I look at you, I see a human, I see God’s love, but most amazingly…I see God’s creation and it warms my soul. How beautiful you are! Whenever I find my eyes locked on you I notice my breathing shortens, I develop this ‘tunnel vision’, all I can see in such a vibrant world is your glimmering smile and your star struck eyes. You’re so beautiful.

I was eating dinner a few nights ago, this is a true story, and I completely spaced off from my meal and the conversations around me. I thought of you, whoever you may be, and our wedding. Just how excited you are, how happy, you’re smiling is already stunning, but that day…that day it warms the entire building. You look so gorgeous in your dress, family and friends all around. We lived out the perfect day.

I’m waiting for you, it’s hard staying patient, but I’m waiting…I can’t wait to meet you my sweet dove.

‘love letters’: Escape

If I took tomorrow,
Disappeared from this world,
I’d ensure that you’d be there
Up, away on a grassy meadow,
Watching the trees sway in the breeze,
Sunlight radiating off your face,
Stars of beauty, deep with envy,
Retreating to space.
Stand close to me, beautiful,
Let your heartbeat rock me to peace,
Allow your heart to warm this soul,
Breath deep and relaxed,
Let your rising chest affirm me of your love,
May we never leave this heavenly place.