Mobile Minutes: Just Prayer


Go ahead, judge.
I’m completely exhausted.
*pause for moment of honesty*
I feel like I’m lacking at work.
I’m excited about this new soccer opportunity, but I’m barely sleeping trying to balance the two.
I need to run, but work is lasting until the sun sets.
The soccer team has my mind exploding due to the sheer mass of the amount of information and planning that is required. I want to succeed without letting the masses down.
I just realized that in four days I’ve driven the distance of the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
I got pulled over in Oklahoma because my “license was covered with trim” (after a Kansas SUV passed with the same trim. Was illegally interrogated, as was Darco in the car. Both of us were never read our rights (as this act took place separately in separate cars), and the officer was polite enough to joke about my restraining order that my ex-wife gave me.
Finally, honestly, shamefully…I miss having the company of a life-time committed companion.

…let me drink my latte in peace…