Paradise found!
Rocked it at Missouri Valley this morning
Melting my face at Livestrong Sporting Park for the US Women’s National Team in the World Cup Finals
Red Lobster for dinner!


X: Insomnia

Understand that my writing at this time in the morning is not due to depression, hatred, bitterness, or strong drink…

I slept 12 hours yesterday, hence the haunting of staying awake.

Thankfully, in between thoughts I am starting to yawn, so that is a plus towards movement in the direction of rest.

I have a strange weekend awaiting me, plenty of thoughts to process, but at the same time it’s steps closer to starting a new chapter of my life:

  1. Will be starting the packing process of my apartment and my belongings [trust me, not much left], and transporting them for storage into my parents house [trust me when I say for only until I’m back out, settled with my job]
  2. Will be hanging out at Missouri Valley Baptist Church on Sunday morning, a small church out in the sticks back north that completely rocked my world. Six years down here I couldn’t find a comfortable place to be, but one Sunday and I found one, can’t wait to get back there.
  3. Will be driving down to Livestrong Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kansas on Sunday afternoon [time allowed] to hang out in the members lounge with some other soccer-nuts to cheer on our national ladies in the finals for the World Cup [before cracking jokes, think about how excited you were when the men won their pool for the first time ever last year].

Naturally I expect this weekend to be enjoyable, filled with friends and family, a nice change from the past week of rather isolated darkness that is this place.

*pulls out map

“…I’m ready to come home…”


‘love letters’: Do You Believe?

Good morning!

I’ve been awake for about an hour, worked out, got some breakfast, and now I’m sitting in front of the TV. Why? Because the US Women’s National Team is getting ready to take on France for a spot in the World Cup final.

Yeah, I like soccer…

Ok, that’s a lie, I love soccer…

I woke up thinking of you today, needless to say that means that I woke up with a smile on my face.

You’re beautiful, graceful, and angelic. What a day it’ll be when we meet!