‘the cast’

I’ve got enough people to talk about throughout this whole bit that it is worth at least trying to ID some of them in my most secure, creative ways [MC will pitch a fit if she feels threatened or found]:

MC: “Mama Coach”, taken from my own title “Coach Daugherty”, mother, friend, hero in many ways. Person of council and advise, wisdom lies within the white hairs [truth be told, she actually has no white hairs]

Jim: Step-dad, monster chef, looks like a 24/7 lumberjack, one of the scariest people I’ve ever met, also has the biggest heart I’ve ever known [and now that he is on Facebook, he is liking all my status’s, which in turn crack me up].

Jo: Best friend, hands down. Known for five years, met at college, brutally honest, always sincere, and was the person in question that KJ said I cheated on her with…awkward… Jo does not live in the States and is not from the States, so that adds a little flavor as well

Darco: Barista that enables my Starbucks obsession. Great kid that comes to MoVal with me, traveling buddy, and tends to be involved in all things ‘random’. [Update 07/27/2013] In a unique twist of God inspired irony, current best friend and beautiful wife.

“Dark One”: Adopted creature of a cat that now dwells in the same living space as Darco and myself. Known for cackling at birds, playing with squirrels, and his obnoxious eating habits…truly a cat that all people need in their lives.

More to be added in time I’m sure…


5 responses to “‘the cast’

  1. Dude……you list two of our former student’s but I don’t get props in the cast even as a very low supporting actor……that hurts…..lol

    • Those ‘former students’ I stay in contact with good sir. Some people just vanished 😉
      Of course I’m completely joking in that matter. The ‘crew’ was directed off specific individuals who play pivotal roles in my day-to-day existence in the present world.

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